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Established in 1976 under the editorship of Professor Albert Mell, Queens College, The Journal of the Violin Society of America is recognized as the outstanding periodical of its kind. Contents include articles on all aspects of bowed stringed instruments, auctions and appraisals, history of the violin and performers, playing technique and performance practice, making and restoration, tools, varnish, wood, graduation and acoustics. The Journal of the Violin Society of America is published one or two times each year. A subscription to the Journal is included with membership.  Additional copies may be ordered individually.

The Journal of the Violin Society of America is produced digitally as a Compact Disc (CD), and has everything expected of the paper copy of the Journal. The VSA is currently producing a six year backlog of journals as quickly as possible for the use of our members. The cost of printing has made it difficult to produce these publications without increasing yearly membership dues. With this in mind, the VSA decided to publish the Journals to CD. For those who like to receive printed issues, the VSA offers print-on-demand at a fee. We hope that this will help those members that need us to keep our membership low and those that want their journals to add to their personal library.

VSA Journal – Proceedings Issues

In the proceedings issues of the VSA Journal proceedings of each convention and results of competitions are reported. Competition years usually require two journals, while non-competition convention years typically require only a single issue.

VSA Journal - Papers

VSA Papers are a venue for VSA members and non-members alike to share ideas, research, and news. Each issue of VSA Papers include articles on a broad array of subjects of interest to violin makers, historians, violin dealers, and stringed-instrument musicians. All articles in VSA Journal Papers are peer reviewed by knowledgeable experts. The contents of VSA Papers include: violin and bow making methods, repair and preservation techniques, practical acoustics for violin makers, materials and accessories, instrument set-up and methods for improving tone, innovations in instrument design, history and documentation of instruments and bows of the violin family, biographies of makers and players, playing and performance, and market trends.

Information for submissions to VSA Papers

Articles submitted to VSA Papers should be 2,000-6,000 words. We look for articles regarding, but not limited to, the following topics.

Violin and Bow Making

History and Documentation of Violin Family Instruments and Bows

  • Biographies of Makers and Players
  • Playing and Performance
  • Instrument Set-Up and Improving Tone
  • Practical Acoustics for the Violin Maker
  • Materials: Including Wood, Strings, Varnish, and Accessories
  • Market Trends and Innovations

We also look for short contributions (less than 1000 words) on the topics below.

  • Awards
  • Book reviews
  • Meetings
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts
  • Obituaries

People knowledgeable in the subject area review each article and may recommend changes prior to acceptance. Electronic submission of materials as email attachments is preferred. Preferred digital formats are MS Word for manuscripts and .tif images for figures. Copy may also be sent to us by fax or through the mail.

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Ordering the Journal of the Violin Society of America


Recently Published Journals

The Journal of the Violin Society of America is distributed on Compact Disc (CD). Print-on-Demand journals are available via the link below. Current and back issues of The Journal of the Violin Society of America are only available to Members in Good Standing.

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Back Issues

Members may review back issues through the Online Journals of the Violin Society of America.

Printed issues currently in stock are:

  • Vol. XIX, No. 2 – Proceedings of the 2003 Convention
  • Vol. XX, No. 1 – Proceedings of the 2004 Convention/Competition, Part 1
  • Vol. XX, No. 3 – Proceedings of the 2004 Convention/Competition, Part 2
  • Vol. XXI, No. 1 – VSA Papers
  • Vol. XXI, No. 2 – Proceedings of the 2005 Convention
  • Vol. XXII, No. 2 - Proceedings of the 2006 Convention
  • Vol. XXIII, No. 1 - Proceedings of the 2007 Convention
  • Vol. XXIII, No. 2 - Proceedings of the 2008 Convention, Part 1
  • Vol. XXIII, No. 3 - Proceedings of the 2008 Convention, Part 2

Review table of contents for published issues of the VSA Journal.

The VSA office have other Back Issues. If interested please contact the office and notify us which ones you are interested in. Review the Table of Contents to determine which to order.  

CAS Publications

The Catgut Acoustical Society merged with the VSA in 2004. Back issues of all the CAS Newsletters and Journals are all still available, as are the 3 volumes of Acoustics for the Violin Maker.

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