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International Competition Rules 2000


Each instrument maker may enter at most one (1) violin, one (1) viola, one (1) cello, and one (1) bass in the Competition. Makers may also enter a string quartet for the quartet Competition. If a quartet is entered, one (1) violin (to be designated by the competitor--not necessarily the first violin), along with the viola and cello from the quartet must also be entered into the Competition. If a quartet is entered, the fees for the individual instruments will be waived, and only the special quartet fee will be paid. Bow makers may enter at most one (1) violin bow, one (1) viola bow, one (1) cello bow, and one (1) bass bow in the Competition. Baroque instruments, baroque and pre-modern bows may not be entered in the Competition.

Entry Fees

First Instrument$70
Each Additional Instrument$35
First Bow$50
Each Additional Bow$25

All shipping fees and all insurnace coverage for instruments and bows to, from and during the competition are completely the responsibilities of the competitor. There is an additional fee to attend the convention lectures and other activities (see entry form).


To compete, complete the competition entry form and return it to the Violin Society of America at the above address by October 15, 2000. Additional competition entry forms are available from The Violin Society of America.


The Violin Society of America will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of instruments or bows entered into the competition. However, the Violin Society of America is not responsible for any loss, damage or destruction to any instruments or bows during the competition (including the period during which instruments are stored at the host shop). Competitors are responsible for insuring their own instruments and bows.

Affidavit Of Authenticity

All makers must sign an affidavit on the entry form indicating that the instrument(s) or bow(s) have been made entirely by themselves. Fittings such as pegs, tailpieces and endpins on the instrument may be commercially produced. Bow frogs and buttons may not be commercially produced. Makers are not permitted to sub-contract work on instruments or bows submitted.

Shipping Rules, Guidelines and Suggestions

Ship all instruments and bows to the host shop for this competition:
Baroque Violin Shop
1038 W. North Bend Road
Cincinnati, OH 45224 USA

Host: Mr. Paul Bartel
telephone (513) 541-2000
fax (513) 541-2019
e-mail baroqueviolin@fuse.net

Do NOT ship any instruments or bows to the VSA office in Poughkeepsie.

Shipping costs, including return shipping, and duty fees are the sole responsibility of the maker. The VSA will refuse any package for which shipping or duty fees are owed. Arrangements for return shipping must be made in advance with the host shop. The VSA will not return any instruments/bows outside of the US until all shipping costs are paid. If return-shipping costs have not been arranged for, the VSA will keep the instrument in its possession at the host shop until the return shipping cost, plus a $50 storage/handling fee, has been paid directly to the host. If after 6 months these costs still have not been paid, the VSA will take possession of the instrument/bow. Please read the detailed shipping rules/guidelines below:
Shipping costs, including return shipping costs, and insurance are the sole responsibility of the maker. All instruments and bows from the United States will be returned C.O.D. Arrangements for the return of foreign instruments and bows must be made prior to the Competition with Mr. Paul Bartel, host of the Competition. He may be reached at Baroque Violin Shop. Please print directions (in English) for opening the crates so that the instruments and bows can be inspected easily at United States Customs. If instruments are shipped from outside the United States, makers should post a carnet in the country of origin. This is an export bond which guarantees the return of the instrument to the shipper. If the country does not have a carnet arrangement with the United States, it will be necessary to post a temporary import bond in this country. The cost of this bond will be the responsibility of the maker. Instruments shipped must be received by October 30, 2000. All international and domestic shipments are to be shipped to the host shop, the Baroque Violin Shop at the above address. Instruments hand-carried to the Competition must be delivered to the Competition committee on Monday, November 13, prior to 9 p.m.

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard which will be returned to you upon arrival of the instrument(s) and/or bow(s). If you encounter any difficulty in shipping, please call Mr. Paul Bartel . It is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure that each shipped package contains a clearly worded packing slip stating exactly what the package contains. Because of similarities between some violin and viola bows, each viola bow should be tagged "viola." Should an instrument arrive in need of adjustment or minor repair prior to the start of the Competition, the VSA will have an expert restorer(s) on call. In case of any major damage in shipping, you will be notified immediately. The instruments and bows will be removed from their cases and placed on linen tablecloths during the competition. They will remain there for the duration of the Competition. It is the responsibility of the contestant to be certain that the varnish is dry. Instruments with sticky varnish may be damaged by the tablecloths. The VSA assumes no responsibility for such damage. Due to the number of instruments and bows anticipated, please allow six (6) weeks for their return.

If crate size allows, domestic shipments seem to arrive in the best condition via United Parcel Service. If crates are large, Emery Air Freight is suggested. You are advised not to ship via United States Mail without additional protection and insurance for your instrument(s) and/or bow(s). Please do not ship in airtight plastic bags unless the instrument(s) and/or bow(s) are protected from contacting the plastic. The plastic may cause damage to the varnish. You must enclose shipping labels and any special directions for repacking. Questions concerning shipping should be directed to Mr. Bartel.

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