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International Competition Rules 2000

Rules Committee

The responsibility for interpretation of competition rules, the settling of disputes and dealing with questions arising during the competition lies with the VSA rules committee appointed by the board of directors.

Rules Infractions

Infractions of rules will be determined by the rules committee after consultation with the appropriate judges. Instruments or bows which do not comply with Competition rules will be disqualified. All entry fees for disqualified items will be forfeited. Any maker who is caught attempting to commit fraud in the Competition by submitting the work of others in his/her name will be disqualified from the Competition and may be banned from all future VSA Competitions.

Restrictions On Bow-Making Materials

Bows having tortoise-shell frogs, elephant ivory frogs, genuine whalebone (baleen) wrappings or elephant ivory tips are banned from the Competition. Mastodon or bone is an acceptable substitute. Under the Endangered Species Act, United States Customs does not permit the importation of elephant ivory, tortoise-shell or whalebone. Items made from these banned materials that cross United States borders may be confiscated by United States Customs!

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