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International Competitions
For New Instruments And Bows

Now recognized as one of the three major events of its kind, the VSA competition is held biennually and offers the opportunity for makers from all countries to compete.

Beginning in 1975, and on every even-numbered year since 1976, we have staged international competitions of violins and bows. These events have gained universal respect as being among the best-run and most objective competitions of their kind. Over the years, the judges have included most of the world's distinguished luthiers and bow makers, and many of today's most promising and respected new luthiers gained their first recognition by winning gold medals at a VSA competition.

During the judging period, lectures, discussions and open forums are held for everyone's enjoyment. Frequently instruments by past winners or new instuments are exhibited for study and examination. Our commercial exhibits feature most of the world's leading suppliers of violin and bow making materials and accessories, strings, cases, books and other merchandise of interest to both the maker and player. Once the judging has been completed, the competition rooms are open to all in attendance so that everyone has the opportunity to see and play the outstanding instruments and bows presented.

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