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All instruments and bows must have a label, brand, or stamped mark. This is so that the maker may be positively identified, if necessary, at the conclusion of the Competition after the judging has taken place. In an effort to insure impartiality, the identity of the makers of the instruments and bows is withheld from the judges during the Competition. To prevent the judges from identifying the maker by looking at the instrument's label, brand, or stamped mark, it is the responsibility of the contestant to make sure that all such labels, brands, or stamped marks are covered or otherwise concealed at the time of entry.

Once the instruments and bows have been entered into the contest, each is given a randomly assigned identification number. In the unlikely event of a computer failure, we want to be able to examine the hidden maker's label, brand, or stamp to insure that the instrument or bow is returned to its rightful owner. Any violation of these rules will lead to disqualification. Competitor lists will not be available until the completion of the judging.

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