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Abrams, Ray
"Report of the Regional Meeting of the Society, New York, May 2, 1976" 2/2:5-8
Review of Hetfetz by Axelrod 3/1:59, 63

Aldrich, Ralph
"The Violist as Professional" 5/1:106-19

Applebaum, Samuel
Interview with Oscar Shumsky 5/1:42-61

Arcieri, Carlos
Review of ASTA Stringed Instrument Repair and Maintenance    Manual Ed. by Zurfluh 5/1:169-71

d'Arcy, James
"The Effect of Heat Treatment upon Acoustic Properties of Spruce"

Axelrod, Herbert
Interview with Jascha Heifetz 4/1:136-40

Baese, Geary
"Classic Italian Varnish" 8/3:49-75

Banks, Margaret Downie
"The 'Harrison' Violin, the 'Rawlins' Guitar, and Other Stradivari
     Materials at the Shrine to Music Museum" 9/3:13-36
"The Witten-Rawlins Collection and Other Early Stringed      Instruments at the Shrine to Music Museum" 8/3:18-48

Barach, Daniel
Interview with Feodor Drushynin 6/3:75-77

Bassett, Irvin G.
"Influence of Top Thickness on Violin Tone" 9/3:145-62

Beare, Charles
"The Philosophy of Restoration" 8/1:112-36
"Violin Appraisal and Identification" 6/2:160-78
"Violin Dealing, Then and Now" 10/1: 183-202

Benstock, Seymour
"Venice: Four Centuries of Instrument Making" 8/1:41-56

Blaske, Mary Steffek
"Jerome Bonaparte and Victor Carroll Squier" 5/1:3-34

Bookspan, Martin
"A Conversation with Itzhak Perlman" 3/2:5-26

Buechner, Alan
"William Sidney Mount's'Cradle of Harmony"' 3/2:35-71

Burak, Wayne
"Great Cellos of Cremona, Rome, and Venice" 6/4:15-27

Caccamise, Eleanor
In Memoriam: Kurt Brychta 5/1:165-67

Calderomith, Graham
"Interpreting the Work of the Master Violin Makers" 9/2:129-42

Campbell, Edward
"First World Cello Congress June 7-9, 1988" 9/3:184-95
"A Method of Judging the Playability of Bows in Competitions"
"Summary of Ed Campbell's Talk" [VSA 9th convention, concerning
     violin acoustics] 6/4:32-34
"What Researchers in Acoustics Can Do to Help the Violin Maker"

Capurso, Aleviander
"A Collector's Musings on the Symbolism of the Violin" 2/4:125-33

Carlson, Paul
"London's Salomon String Quartet" 7/1:137-40
"Yfrah Neaman's Summer Course in Suffolk, England" 9/2:105-12

Carrabba, Raphael
"Panel Discussion: Arching and Graduation-Theory and Practice"

Chapman, Eric
Biography 2/1:4-5
"Chang Heyern Jin" 3/3:100-07
"Edward Campbell, Violin Maker" 4/1:122-35
"Exhibition of Violas and Their Bows" [4th International Exhibition
     of VSA] 5/1:98-101
"A Gifted Young Maker: Otto Karl Schenk" 4/2:101-18
"Letter to Luthiers" 2/4:36-37
"Panel Discussion: Arching and Graduation-Theory and Practice"
"President's Column" 4/2:3-5
Review of The Violin Makers of the United States by Wenberg
Welcoming Address [VSA 8th Convention] 6/1:137-46

Cole, Orlando
In Memoriam: Max Aronoff 6/3:86-93>

Condft, Warren
"Pegs and Peg Shavers" 2/2:17-19

Cox, Douglas
"The Baroque Violin" 8/1:57-70

Dalton, David
"The William Primrose Viola Library" 4/2:119-21

Danks, Henry
In Memoriam: Cecil Aronowitz 4/2:126-27

Dann, Elias
"The Second Revolution in the History of the Violin: A Twentieth-
        Century Phenomenon" 4/1:48-57

Davidoff, Judith
Interview with Louis Krasner 8/2:5-30
Review of Early History of the Viol by Woodfield 7/4:167-68

Dipper, Andrew
"The GeQmetric Construction of the Violin Forms of Antonio Stradi-
        vari" 10/2:163-98

Dixon, Dwight R.
"Influence of Top Thickness on Violin Tone" 9/3:145-62

Doktor, Paul
"J. S. Bach's Three Viola da Gamba Sonatas" 2/3:6-10

Draley, Daniel
"The Transition of the Amati Workshop into the Hands of Stradivari
            1660-1684" 9/3:71-97

Druian, Rafael
Lecture 4/3:213-31

Duff, Michael
"The Berg Bow" 10/3:72-98

Duffy, Harry A.
"Rationale and Methods Used by Workmanship Judges" 2/4:32-35

Erdesz, Otto
"Centering Your Graduations" 4/3:289-99

Firth, Ian
"Construction and Performance of Quality Commercial Violin
             Strings" 8/2:75-88

Fischbach, Gerald
In Memoriam: Paul Rolland 4/2:122-25

Fischer, Albert
"Salvaging a Good Bow from the Scrap Pile" 8/2:133-38
"The Use of Power Tools in Violin Making" 4/3:37-84
"Violin Strings: Why Do They Always Break in the Peg Box?" 5/4:

Fleisher, Harry
"Evaluation of the Playing Qualities of Bows: A Proposal" 5/4:
"The Why of the Bow" 5/2:61-74

Fleming, Shirley
"Ruggiero Ricci" 2/2:9-11

Fukuyo, Tofuro
Interview with Shinichi Yokoyama, Photographer 7/4:88-101

Fulton, William
"The Acoustic Properties of Spruce" 7/2:37-56
"Acoustical Varnishes" 8/1:137-52
Review of Violin Varnish and Coloration by Zemitis 6/4:170-71
"Varnishes" 2/4:104-18
"Violin Top Plate Arching" 7/4:39-45
"Violin Varnish Then and Now" 9/3:48-70

Fushi, Geoffrey
"The William Lewis Tradition" 6/4:79-94

Gabowitz, Louis
"Reminiscences of Miron Poliakin" 5/4:51-63

Gadd, Charles
"On the Effect of Heat Treatment upon Acoustic Properties of
     Spruce" 7/4:157-66
"Optimizing the Acoustic Properties of Violin Plate Wood" 10/1:

Gardner, Samuel
"Reminiscences of Samuel Gardner"
    Part I 2/3:21-26
    Part II 3/1:22-28

Gaugue, Aime
"La Luthierie at Mirecourt" 3/3:68-79

Giddins, Gary
In Memoriam: Joe Venuti 4/1:147-51

Goldberg, Louise
"Anton Huberty's Collection of Viola damore Music" 6/2:37-45

Goldsmith, Pamela
"Observations of a Tone Judge" 4/3:329-31
"The 'I'ransition to the Tourte Bow and Its Effect on Bowing Articu-
      lation" 9/1:63-82

Goodkind, Herbert
"A History of Violin Periodicals from 1884 to 198 1 " 6/1:105-36
In Memoriam:
    Arnold Gingrich 2/3:46
    Ernest N. Doring 3/1:13-16
Report of Auctions 3/1:45
     The Secrets of Stradivari by Sacconi 5/4:135-37
     Directory of Contemporary American Instrument Makers by Far-
           rell 6/4:172-74
"Samuel Nemessanyi" 2/2:12-16

Goodkind, John
Review of Musical Acoustics, Part I: Violin Family Components by
             Hutchins 5/4:138-42

Goodkind, Rachel
"Herbert K. Goodkind: The Man and His Library" 10/3:13-20
Report of Auctions 6/3:100-02

Goosen, Frederick
In Memoriam: Henry C. Barrett 4/2:127-28

Gorrill, W. Sterling
"Strings: Facts and Fallacies" 8/1:27-40
"What Researchers in Acoustics Can Do to Help the Violin Maker"

Grand, Louis
"Improved Violin and Viola Clamps" 6/3:78-85

Hamma, Walter
"Old Violins and Books about Violins" 7/3:63-74

Hargrave, Roger
"Classical Edgework" 10/2:49-65
"The Method of Construction Used by the Cremonese Makers Circa
      1550-1750" 10/1:33-108

Hayslett, Harold
"Shaping Blocks for Cello Sides" 10/3:143-56

Henkle, Theodore
"Auer and Flesch: The Men and Their Methods" 6/1:80-101
Interview with Max Rostal 6/3:103-08
"Ysaye's Six Sonates Pour Violon Seul: A Belated Proofreading"
Heron-AUen, Edward and Marianna (trans. and ed.)
"The Arts and Crafts of the Worshipful Guild of Violin-Makers of
         Markneukirchen, 1677-1722"
    Part 1 2/2:48-55
    Part II 2/3:49-54
    Part III 3/1:46-57
    Part IV 3/2:111-18

Hill, Andrew
"The Hill 'Tradition" 4/3:266-88

Holt, John
"It's Never Too Late" 6/1:68-79

Hoover, Cynthia
"The Role of the Museum in the Conservation and Preservation of
     Bowed Stringed Instruments" 5/2:9-30

Hutchins, Carleen
"Influence of Back Material on Viola Tone" 8/1:89-92
"Plate Tuning for the Violin Maker" 7/1:16-35

Itzkoff, Seymour
"Emanuel Feuermann's Cellos" 4/1:85-100

James, Jan
"Bow Hairs and String" 3/4:131-50
"Jules Chenantais" 3/3:80-89
"The Role of Hair Structure in Sound Production of Bowed Instru-
     ments" 3/1:5-12

Jaroschy, Francois
In Memoriam: Stefan Frenkel 5/1:162-63

Jongebloed, W. L.
"The Role of Hair Structure in Sound Production of Bowed Instru-
    ments" 3/1:5-12

Kaplan, Albert
"The Aranyi Strad 1667" 2/ 1: IO
In Memoriam: Carl Becker 2/1:9
"Isaac Stern" 2/1:8-9
"Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu, 1743" 1/3:5
"The Lure of the Violin" 2/3:35-39
Restoration symposium 2/1:2
    Shumsky concerts 2/4:135-39
    Unfinished Journey by Menuhin 3/2:120-22

Kass, Philip

"Exhibition of pre-1900 American Stringed Instruments" 2/4:
The Gemunder Family of Violin Makers" 6/3:36-58
In Memoriam: Albert J. Kaplan 6/3:109-12
"Nineteenth-Century English Bowmakers of the Dodd and Tubbs
    Families" 10/3:99-139
Report of Auctions 2/4:84-88, 5/3:18-20, 5/3:21-25
"Report of the Regional Meeting of the Society, New York, May 2,
     1976" 2/2:5
    The Classic Bowed Stringed Instrumentsfrom the Smithsonian
         Institution by Yokoyama 8/2:152-54
    Classic Italian Varnish by Baese 9/2:203-04
     Liuteria Italiana Moderna dall'Ottocentto al Novecento by Mos-
        cella 10/3:169-73
    Los Luthiers Espanoles by Comas 10/3:169-73
    The Manuscript on Violin Making by G. A. Marchi by Regazzi
    Stradivari e la Liuteria Cremonese dall'USSR 10/3:169-73
    The Stringed Instruments Collection in the Corcoran Art Gallery
           by Yokoyama 8/2:152-54.
    The Stringed Instruments Collection in the Library of Congress
           by Yokoyama 8/2:152-54
    Violin Makers of the German School by Hamma 9/2:201-02,

Kievman, Louis
"D. C. Dounis: The Man and His Pedagogy" 6/3:3-18
In Memoriam: Paulus Pilat 2/3:14-19
       The History of the Viola by Riley 5/4:143-45
       The Viola by Barrett 4/2:129-30

Kingsley, Walter
Review of The King Joseph (Del Gesu) by Bein and Fushi 6/4:

Kuttner, Francis
"Panel Discussion: Arching and Graduation-Theory and Practice"

de Lancie, John
Zimbalist TYibute 4/1:62-65

Lanini, Harry
"Second International lyiennale of Stringed Instruments, Cremona,
     Italy" 5/4:114-28

Lederman, Richard J.
"Medical Problems of Violinists and Violin Makers" 10/3:21-45

Lesser, Lawrence
"Gregor Piatigorsky, arribute" 2/3:40-42

Libin, Laurence
"The 'Restored' Stradivari and Amati Violins of the Metropolitan
          Museum of Art" 4/1:34-47
"The Role of the Museum in the Conservation and Preservation of
          Bowed Stringed Instruments" 5/2:9-30

Locketz, J. S.
In Memoriam: Martin Beilke 5/1:163

"Violin Making in the People's Republic of China" 2/4:119-24

Lorenzen, L. J.
"The Violin Sound Post as a Phase Regulator" 7/4:122-33

Lucchi, Giovanni
"The Use of Empirical and Scientific Methods to Measure the Velocity
     of Propagation of Sound" 9/1:107-23

Maillot, Bernard
"Development of a Laboratory of Acoustical Research and Quality
     Control" 6/1:43-67

Mathews, M. V.
"Electronic Violin: A Research Tool" 8/1:71-88

McInnes, Donald
"The Violist as Professional" 5/1:106-19

Mell, Albert
"A Bicentennial Celebration: Music for and by Americans" 2/3:
"Eastern Regional Meeting of the Violin Society of America"
"Emanuel Zetlin, a Profile" 3/3:96-99
"Exhibits by Makers, Dealers, and Collectors/Players Meet Makers"
"The First Louis Spohr International Violin Making Competition"
"The Genesis of a Journal" 4/3:257-65
"Glues and Their Uses: Part II" 2/3:30-34
In Memoriam:
    Sada Rothman Applebaum 2/3:46
    Broadus Erle 3/1:58
    Herbert K. Goodkind 6/3:113-16
    Rudolf Kolisch 4/1:142-46
    Lionel Tertis 1/3:4
    Isaak Vigdorchik 9/2:113-28
    Salvatore Accardo 7/1:78-88
    Luiz Bellini 10/3:163-83
    Louis Kaufman 7/4:3-38
    Michael'Free 8/2:59-74
    Wolfe Wofinsohn 4/2:6-31
"Kato Havas Says Hello" 4/1:101-10
"Music Instrument Fair: Music Mountain, June 14, 1980" 5/4:
"Paganini and Vuillaume" 2/1:5-7
Report of Auctions 3/1:37-45, 4/1:79-84, 4/2:92-100, 5/1:68-79,
"To Graduate or Not to Graduate" 3/3:58-67
"Tour of the Stringed Instrument Collection of the Library of Con-
        gress" 5/2:138-66
"The 250th Anniversary of the Death of Stradivarius: A Pilgrimage
        to Cremona" 9/2:143-86
"Where Are They Now? Richard Burgin" 2/2:41-47
"Workshop in the Performance of Baroque Music" 2/4:140-42

Menuhin, Yehudi
"Yehudi Menuhin Discusses His Interpretation of the Bach Cha-
        conne" 7/1:37-45

Millant, Bernard
"The Bow from Earliest Times to Sartory" 10/2:3-48
"The Great Bow Makers of France" 6/2:179-89

Molenaar, 1.
"The Role of Hair Structure in Sound Production of Bowed String
     Instruments" 3/1:5-12

Moller, Max
"Violin Makers of the Low Countries" 8/ 1: I 00-1 1

"Viva the 'Early' Violin" 3/1:17-21

"The Cremona Gold Color: Its Chemistry and Reconstruction"
"Effects of Minerals and Fibers on Plate Tuning" 6/2:53-79
"The History and Interpretation of Chemical Knowledge Available to
    Violin Makers" 4/3:147-76
"Strategies for Acoustical Varnish" 6/3:19-25

Neikrug, George
Review of Demetrios Constantine Dounis by Constantakos 9/3:209

Nigogosian, Vahkan
"Bridge and Set-up: Complexity in Adjustment" 9/3:36-47
"Glues and Their Uses"
    Part I 2/2:20-25
    Part 11 2/3:30-34
"The Stringed Instrument Restoration Workshop at Oberlin College"
"To Graduate or Not to Graduate" 3/3:58-67

Norton, Donald B.
"What Dealers Are Looking for in a Contemporary Stringed Instru-
        ment" 7/4:46-54

"Bow Rehairing" 7/3:39-52

Pershing, Drora
"The Bach-Bow Controversy" 3/2:72-81

Petesh, Zenon
"Problems of Violin Adjustment" 7/2:73-88

Petong, Richard
"The Arts and Crafts of the Worshipful Guild of Violin-Makers of
        Markneukirchen, 1677-1722" [trans. & ed. by Heron Allen]
    Part I 2/2:48-55
    Part II 2/3:49-54
    Part III 3/1:46-57
    Part IV 3/2:111-18

Piccirfflo, Anthony
Essay 1/2:3

Pickering, Barbara
"The False Messiah" 6/3:26-35
"Without Antonio" 7/4:114-21

Pickering, Norman
"Effect of Bowing Point on Violin Tone and Power" 9/2:64-80
"Objective Analysis of Violin Tone Using Current Technology"
"Physical Characteristics of Violin Bows" 8/2:41-58
"Results of Mechanical Bowing Tests" 6/3:59-64
    The Art of Viola Design by Navne 5/4:146-48
    Buildingsfor Music by Forsyth 8/2:149-51
    Violin Acoustics: A New Look at the Old Art by Matthews
"String Testing" 10/2:107-32
"Strings: Facts and Fallacies" 8/1:27-40
"A Study of Bow Hair and Rosin" 7/1:46-72
"What Researchers in Acoustics Can Do to Help the Violin Maker"

Pollens, Stewart
"Historic Lute and Violin Varnishes" 8/2:31-40
"Violin Photography Technique" 10/2:199-2 1 0

Potvin, Gilles
"Bowed String Instrument Making in Canada" 7/1:73-77

Powell, Maud
"Women and the Violin" 8/2:113-16

Preucil, William
"The Violist as Professional" 5/1:106-19

Prier, Peter
Presentation Summary [VSA first convention] 1/3: 1
"The Violin Making School of America" 2/4:16-31

Primrose, William
"Ruminations on the Viola" 5/1:153-59

Raaben, Lev
In Memoriam: Miron Poliakin 5/4:37-50

Regazzi, Roberto
"The Manuscript on Violin Making by G. A. Marchi" 9/1:83-106

Regh, Joseph
"Computer-Supported Judging of Instruments and Bows" 7/4:

Reindorf, Mark
"The Current Status of French Bow Making: A Crisis Averted,
 a Future Assured" 7/1:89-128
"A Discussion of the Metal Thumb Plate of the Bow" 7/4:147-56
"Bow Making in the United States" 8/2:117-32

Rephann, Richard
"Original Instruments and Authentic Performance: Fact,         Flantasy, and Fraud" 7/4:66-73
"The Role of the Museum in the Conservation and         Preservation of Bowed Stringed Instruments" 5/2:9-30

Richards, Vicki
Interview with Dr. N. Rajam 5/3:142-61
"The Violin in India" 5/3:137-41

Rickard, James
"Manufacturing Strings for the Violin Family" 10/2:66-106

Riley, Maurice
"Americans Win First and Second Prizes in the Lionel Tertis Viola
         Competition" 5/4:129-34
"A Bach Symposium, July 15, 1979, the University of Utah" 5/1:160
"The Early Development of the Viola by Luthiers of the Brescian and
        Cremona Schools" 5/1:120-52
18th-Century Concertos for Viola" 3/2:88-90
In Memoriam:
    Louis Bailly 3/3:33-49
    Robert Courte 5/1:164
"XI International Viola Congress in Houston" 7/1:129-36
"XIV International Viola Congress, Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 16-
        20, 1987" 9/3:196-208
"The XVII International Viola Congress" 10/3:157-68
"The XIII International Viola Congress, June 12-16, 1985" 7/4:134-
"Louis Bailly's Gasparo da Sal6 Viola" 3/3:50-57
    The Musicfor Viola Bastarda by Paras 9/2:204-05
    "Violist Maurice Vieux and the International Viola Competitions
         Named in His Honor" 8/2:139-48
    "A Visit with Alexandra de Lazari-Borissovsky" 4/2:32-42
    Walk on the North Side by Primrose 4/2:130-32
    "The William Primrose International Viola Competition" 5/1:80-

Ritchie, Stanley
Review of String Playing in Baroque Music by Donington 4/2:

Rosenblum, Myron
"Fifth International Viola Congress" 3/2:9 1-1 01
In Memoriam:
    Tibor Serly 4/2:128
    Ernest W"fisch 5/1:164-65
"The Ninth International Viola Congress" 6/3:65-74
Review of Literaturfdr Viola by Zeyringer 2/3:43-45
"The Viola Congress, London, 1978" 4/1:111-21
"The Viola damore: Its History, Music, and Makers" 5/2:118-31
"'You've Come a Long Way, Baby,' A Report of the Seventh Interna-
     tional Viola Congress" 5/1:90-97

Ross, Gilbert
"The Auer Mystique: A Personal Recollection" 5/3:3-17

Rossi, John
Interview with Albert Moglie 5/3:107-36

Roth, Henry
Interview with Oscar Shumsky 5/1:42-61

Roy, Karl
"Jacobus Stainer and His Labels" 9/1:11-33
"The Mittenwald School: Past and Present" 4/3:177-212

Sackson, David
"Jean Baptiste Vuillaume: His Life and Work" 5/4:95-106

Salchow, William
"Bow Restoration" 6/4:135-50
11International Meeting of Violin and Bow Makers" 3/2:108-09
     John Bolander 4/2:43-65
     Joseph Fuchs 4/1:5-21
     Les Archets Franqais 3/2:119
     ASTA Stringed Instrument Repair and Maintenance Manual by
     Zurfluh 5/1:172-73
     How to Make a Violin Bow by Henderson 3/3:113-17
     "Manuel pratique de lutherie" from Encyclop6die Roret by
          R.and M. Millant 3/3:113-17
     ViolinBow Making by Bolander 3/3:113-17

"Antonio Stradivarius and His Time" 9/3:136-44

Saunders, Jacob
"The Geometry of the Stradivari Scroll Profile" 5/1:35-41

Schmidt, Rodney
"Contours, images, and the Bow" 7/4:102-13

Schmidt, Stan
"Violin Varnish Then and Now" 9/3:48-70

Scholz, Janos
"Artists'Observations of Musical Performance" 5/2:31-60

Schonberg, Harold
"The Father of American String Quartets" [Franz Kneisel] 2/3:27-29

Schroeder, Jaap
"The Baroque Repertory for Violin in the German Countries: A
                  Survey" 5/4:5-17
"Jaap Schroeder Discusses Bach's Works for Unaccompanied Violin"
"Jaap Schroeder Discusses Ornamentation in Baroque Performance
                  Practice" 4/1:22-33

"Cremona and the 1987 Stradivarius Exhibition" 9/3:98-132
"Makers'Forum" 6/1:11-32
"Panel Discussion: Arching and Graduation-Theory and Practice"

Schuster, Oskar
"Manufacture of Strings for Musical Instruments" 2/4:89-104

Schwarz, Boris
"The Russian Violin School'Iransplanted to America" 3/1:29-34

Seher, August,
"The Importance of Turpentine in Cremonese Varnishes" 7/4:55-65

Seiver, Lawrence
"The Curtis Quartet Celebrates 50 Years" 3/2:27-34

Selch, Frederick
"Early American Violins and Their Makers" 6/1:33-42
Presentation Summary [VSA second convention] 2/1:4
"Yankee Bass Viol Makers" 2/2:26-37

Shaffer, Karen
"Between Symphony and Song: The Violin Virtuoso in American
     History" 10/1:109-23
"Maud Powell: America's Legendary Musical Pioneer" 8/2:89-112

Shipman, Peggy
"Retouching:Methods and Materials" 7/3:3-15

Shuart, James
Welcoming Address [8th VSA Convention, 198016/1:137-46

Shulman, Alan
Review of Emanuel Feuermann, Virtuoso by Itzkoff 5/1:174-80

Shilmsky, Oscar
Zimbalist Tribute Interview 4/1:67-69

Shuzhen, Tan
"A Seminar: Making Violins in the People's Republic of China"

Siegelman, Joseph
"The Unbalanced Bow" 3/1:35-36

Simane, Michel
"Development of a Laboratory of Acoustical Research and Quality
     Control" 6/1:43-67

Smith, Mortimer
"Ole Bull's 1647 Nicholas Amati" 6/4:9-14

Spidlen, Premysl
"The Fine Art of Creating Twentieth-Century Instruments"
"Violin Making in Czechoslovakia" 6/2:134-59

Stevens, Dale
"Some Thoughts on Violin Making" 7/1:141-51

Strong, William J.
"Influence of Top Thickness on Violin Tone" 9/3:145-62

Sturm, Gary
"Eighteenth-Century Connections through Musical Instruments"
"Exhibition of Violins and Bows in the Smithsonian Collection"

Tausig, Hans
"Vahakn Y. Nigogosian: VSA Gold Medal Award for Exemplary Ser-
         vice" 9/1:124-28

Thomason, Daniel
"The Viola damore at Mannheim" 6/2:30-36

Toth, Zoltan
"The Art of Sharpening Tools" 7/3:80-104

Vatelot, Etienne
"The Art of the French Bow" 4/3:238-53
"French Violin Makers from the Seventeenth Century to and includ-
    ing Vuillaume" 10/2:150-62

Verdon, Jacques
"Modern Realization of Savart's Violin" 8/1:13-26

Veritch, Alan de
"The Violist as Professional" 5/1:106-19

Vigdorchik, Isaak
"New Ideas in Plate Tuning" 8/3:76-109
"Some Thoughts on the Acoustics of Bowed Stringed Instruments"
"Violin Making in Russia: Past and Present" 4/2:66-85

Wake, Harry
"Luthier's Forum" 4/3:12-36

Warren, Kenneth
"The Kenneth Warren and Son School of Violin Making" 3/2:82-87
"The Shirley Miller Bow Collection" 6/4:102-34

Watson, William
"English Bow Makers" 6/2:96-116

Webster, Daniel
Zimbalist Tribute 4/1:69-78

Webster, William
"Apprenticeship Programs in Restoration" 6/4:65-78

Weisshaar, Hans
"Some Interesting Problems in Restoration" 6/2:80-91

Wenberg, Thomas
"Minnesota Violin and Bow Makers" IO/ 1: 1 7-32

Wernick, Steven
Reports of Auctions 2/2:38-40, 3/1:60-63, 4/2:87-91, 5/1:62-67

Wilson, Herbert
"Space Age Technology for the Violin World" 7/3:16-32

Woodward, Ann
"Observations on the Status, Instruments, and Solo Repertoire of
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