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Bow judging will be accomplished by three (3) judges and will be divided into two (2) rounds, evaluation and medal. In the evaluation round, each bow will be evaluated by each judge independently and without consultation with the other judges.

1. Stick 15 points
Includes planing, facets, diameters and taper, camber, mortise (frog) and straightness.

2. Head 8 points
Includes elegance and precision of work, proportions, and mortise (tip).

3. Frog and Button 15 points
Includes proportions, finish, elegance, precision of work, fit of frog to stick and alignment with head, and fit of button.

4. Playing Function 14 points
Includes integration of camber, dimensions, height of head and frog, balance, and selection of wood.

5. Finishing 8 points
Includes finish, hair, and grip.

6. Overall Impression 40 points
Includes originality, choice of materials, elegance, overall consistency of style from frog to head and artistry.

Bows that proceed to the medal round will receive at least a Certificate of Merit. During the medal round, the Certificate-of-Merit bows from the evaluation round will be reviewed by all judges working together. Bows that receive a unanimous vote for superior workmanship will be designated Gold Medal winners.

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