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2000 Competition Entry Form
Drawbridge Inn & Convention Center
Ft. Mitchell, KY (Greater Cincinnati, OH area)
November 13 to 19, 2000
Please fill out form on your screen and submit electonically or
via regular mail or fax.

This form is for competitors only. To attend the convention only, please use the convention registration form. All competitors must pay to attend the convention lectures in addition to competition fees. To compete, all entrants must be members of the Violin Society of America. Please submit, or return via regular mail, this form along with payment by October 15, 2000.
Part A: General Information Last Name:  First Name:  Street Address:  City:   State/Province:  Zip/Postal Code:  Country:  Home Phone:   Work Phone:  ext:  Fax Number:    E-mail:   VSA membership #:    Expiration date::   Name of guest attending with you:   Part B: Competition Registration 1. Competition Instrument and Bow Information Competition instruments and bows must have been completed after November 1998. Each viola bow should be tagged "viola". a. Competition Instruments: For each instrument you plan to enter, complete the following: (Only one (1) instrument per category)






Violin II (quartet only)

Date Completed

b. Competition Bows: For each bow you plan to enter, complete the following: (Only one (1) bow per category)

Bow Type





Date Completed

2. Declarations (signatures required) Note: One of the purposes of the competition is to allow the attendees to examine and play the instruments that have been judged in the competition. Obviously, this is severely curtailed if the competitors leave with their instruments immediately upon completion of the judging. In order to discourage this practice, it is now the policy of the VSA to allow any competitor to withdraw his/her instrument from the hall prior to the morning of November 19, but a $50 early withdrawl fee will be charged. If the competiror must leave early and chooses not to pay the early withdrawal fee, arrangements must be made to have the instrument(s) or bow(s) shipped to him/her after the final day. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Authenticity I(we) declare that the instrument(s) submitted for the competition has(have)been made in all essential parts by me(us). I understand that the VSA neither assumes nor accepts responsibility for instruments or bows in the competition. Your signature certifies that you have read and are willing to comply with the above stipulations.  Competitor's signatures       Date:       Date: Repair/Pick-up Should an instrument arrive in need of adjustment or minor repair prior to the start of the competition, the VSA will have an expert restorer(s) on call. In case of any damage in shipping, you will be notified immediately by telephone. During the competition, the VSA will perform necessary minor repairs such as replacing broken strings, lightly gluing open seams and lubricating sticking pegs unless the competitor specifically denies authorization. It is not possible to contact a competitor during the competition due to the VSA anonymity rules. If repair authorization is denied, instruments in need of repair will be removed from the competition. The competition fee will not be refunded. Check below only if you do not authorize the VSA to perform necessary minor repairs.     No, I do not want the VSA to perform any necessary minor repairs to my instrument.     I will pick up my instrument at the end of the competition.     I authorize (person's name) to pickup my          instrument at the end of the competition.     I would like my instrument(s) shipped to the name/address below at the end of       the competition.    Name:        Address: Statement of Liability The Violin Society of America is not responsible for any loss, damage or detruction to any instrument or bows during the competition (including the period during which instruments are stored at the host shop), under any circumstances. The competitor is responsible for his/her own insurance on instruments and bows. Your signature certifies that you have read and are willing to comply with the above stipulations.  Competitor's signatures       Date:       Date:

Part C: Fees and Payment




Total Cost

VSA Membership


Additional for lapsed membership



First instrument



Each additional instrument





First bow



Each additional bow


Convention registration


Guest convention registration



Student convention registration


Awards banquet Friday, 11/17


Quartet Concert Thursday, 11/16





Payment Information

Check enclosed in the amount of (in US funds, drawn on US bank)

Charge my credit card:Visa Mastercard American Express 
     Account Number:   
     Expiration Date:    

 (credit card information required!)

Note: Be sure to make your hotel reservations separately.

Mail Registrations To:

The Violin Society Of America
48 Academy Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-4111 USA
(845) 452-7557 . (845) 452-7618

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