The Violin Society of America 

20th International Competition

Entry Information


Each instrument maker may enter at most one (1) violin, one (1) viola, one (1) cello, and one (1) bass in the Competition. Makers may also enter a string quartet for the quartet Competition. If a quartet is entered, one (1) violin (to be designated by the competitor-not necessarily the first violin), along with the viola and cello from the quartet must also be entered into the Com- petition. In addition, the first and second violins must be clearly identified. If a quartet is entered, the fees for one violin, the viola and the cello will be paid. Bow makers may enter at most one (1) violin bow, one (1) viola bow, one (1) cello bow, and one (1) bass bow in the Competition. Baroque instruments, baroque and pre- modern bows may not be entered in the Competition. Two or more makers (“co-makers”) may together enter one instrument, bow or quartet but if so, none of the co-makers may also enter an instrument or bow of the same type on their own. 


First Instrument - $130

Second Instrument - $65

Third Instrument - $65

Quartet - no additional charge 

First Bow - $100

Each Additional Bow - $50

Convention Registration - $55

All shipping fees and all insurance coverage for instruments and bows to, from and during the competition are completely the responsibility of the competitor. 


To compete, complete the online competition entry form and return it with your payment to the Violin Society of America by September 15, 2012. No registrations will be accepted after this date, and no hard-copy registrations will be accepted. Please register promptly since registrations may be rejected when the maximum number of instruments in any category is reached. You will receive a written confirmation about 2 weeks after your registration form is received. Bring this confirmation with you to the competition or copy it and ship it with your instrument.

Instruments shipped must be received at the host shop between October 1 and October 23, 2012 (see shipping rules for details). Instruments hand-carried to the Competition must be delivered to the Competition Committee at the hotel on Sunday, November 11, between 3:00 and 10:00 p.m. There will be no on-site registration of instruments and bows. You must present your confirmation in case of any registration questions. 


All withdrawals from the competition must be in writing and signed. Competition fees will be refunded less a $10.00 processing fee per instrument/bow if a refund request is received by October 15. No refunds will be given for requests received after October 15. 


All makers must sign an affidavit on the entry form indicating that the instrument(s) or bow(s) have been made entirely by themselves. Fittings such as pegs, tailpieces and endpins on an instrument may be commercially produced. Bow frogs and buttons may not be commercially produced. Makers are not permitted to sub-contract work on instruments or bows submitted. 


A white VSA receipt with a red number on it will be issued to the maker of each instrument/bow at the time it is delivered to the Competition Committee. When the competition is over, this white receipt must be presented to the VSA check-out personnel in order to obtain redelivery of the instrument/bow. So it is very important that every maker obtain this white receipt and keep it safe until the competition is over. If an instrument/bow is shipped rather than hand-carried to the competition, the maker must present his/her registration confirmation at the instrument check-in table before 10 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 7, 2012, to obtain the white receipt. The only exception is if the shipping instructions tell the VSA to ship the instrument/bow directly back to the maker (prepaid) after the competition is over. In that case, a white receipt will not be required for redelivery. 


One of the purposes of the competition is to allow the attendees to examine and play the instruments that have been judged in the competition, through Friday, Nov. 16. To remove an instrument/bow prior to 11:00 PM on Friday Nov. 16, a $75 per item early withdrawal fee will be charged. If the competitor must leave early and chooses not to pay the early withdrawal fee, arrangements must be made to have the instrument(s) or bow(s) shipped to him/her after the final day at his/ her expense. Instruments and bows may be picked up without penalty on Friday evening, Nov. 16, between 11:00 p.m. and midnight; or Saturday morning, Nov 17, between 8:00 AM and 12 noon. 

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