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International Competition Rules 2010


The Competition's objective is to inspire the creation of outstanding, artistic, concert-quality instruments and bows. Workmanship and tone judges are instructed to identify those instruments and bows having the greatest artistic merit, technical execution, and in the case of instruments, tone quality.


All contestants must be members of the VSA with an expiration date of 12/1/10 or later. Membership information may be obtained by contacting:

The Violin Society of America
341 N. Maitland Ave, Suite 130
Maitland, FL 32751 USA
Phone: 407-647-8839
Fax: 407-629-2502


Rules and judging procedures for the International Competition have been designed to ensure fairness to all competitors. Instruments and bows submitted for Competition must have been completed after November 2008.

Instruments and bows may not be entered if they have already received awards in other recognized international competitions. The decision of the judges is final. Hors Concours status is granted to a maker who has been awarded Gold Medals in three different VSA Competitions. Hors Concours status will not be granted for three Gold Medals awarded in one or two Competitions. Makers designated Hors Concours status are not allowed to enter further VSA Competitions. A maker who has been awarded Hors Concours status in the category of instrument making may still compete in the bow making competition, however. Likewise, a person holding Hors Concours status as a bowmaker may enter the instrument competition.


The Violin Society of America will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of instruments or bows entered into the competition. However, the Violin Society of America is not responsible for any loss, damage or destruction to any instruments or bows during the competition and during the period in which instruments are stored at the host shop. Competitors are responsible for insuring their own instruments.

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