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The Goodkind Library, located at Oberlin College, offers materials of interest to violin enthusiasts. Herbert Goodkind, one of our founding members and directors and the author of The Violin Iconography of Stradivari, amassed one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of books, magazines and other literature on the violin ever assembled.   It included most every important title on violin making dating from the seventeenth century.  After Herbert's death, the VSA, in partnership with Oberlin College, acquired the entire collection so that this precious and irreplaceable resource would not be lost.  The Goodkind Library is now housed on the top floor of the Mudd Library at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio, and is available to all for study and research.

For more information about the collection, go to these Oberlin College sites:

About Mr. Goodkind and the collection

Goodkind Collection Holdings

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