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The VSA Innovation Exposition for Violins, Bows and Accessories is a new event to encourage innovation in the design and construction of violin family instruments, bows, and accessories by providing a forum where innovations can be publicly presented and displayed. The Exposition builds on the successful innovation presentations given at the 2005 VSA Convention and adds a new component: a week-long public exhibit of instruments, bows and accessories.

The VSA has provided a dedicated exhibition room for the public display. The widest possible interpretation of innovation will be encouraged, so entries can look very traditional or very radical. Items can be entered by individuals, groups, or commercial companies. We hope the nominal entrance fee of $50 ($75 if entered after August 1) will encourage a wide variety of submissions. Providing there is sufficient space in the exhibition room, individuals can display more than one item without incurring additional fees. We strongly encourage the submission of printed presentations such as posters to help the audience better understand the nature of the innovation.

Members of the ICPI (International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative) have played a leading role in exploring alternative woods, and this will an excellent opportunity for bow makers to show their latest non-pernambuco bows. Space permitting, bowmakers may exhibit several bows for one fee.

One day of the VSA Convention will be dedicated to presentations on the theme of innovation. Invited speakers will give talks, and professional musicians will be on hand to demonstrate the innovations. The speakers will also select the most interesting submissions in the Innovation Exposition for additional talks and/or playing demonstrations. The audience will have the opportunity to record their comments in commentary books, and to vote for instruments and bows they would like to hear played.

We would like to thank the generous sponsors who have made this event possible: Arcus Bows, D'Addario & Company, Heritage Insurance, Knilling Perfection Planetary Pegs, NS Designs, and Yamaha Corporation of America.

Please do not hesitate to contact Fan Tao 631-439-3270 with any questions about the Innovation Exposition.

Click here for more information and an entry form.

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