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Innovation Exposition Entry Form

Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland
November 6-12, 2006

OBJECTIVES: The goal of the Innovation Exposition is to encourage innovation in the design and construction of violin family instruments, bows, and accessories by providing a forum where innovations can be presented, displayed, and discussed. Submissions will be on public display in a dedicated room during most day and evening hours of the VSA Convention.

DEADLINE and VSA MEMBERSHIP: The entry deadline is September 15, 2006. Participants must be members of the VSA with an expiration date of December 1, 2006 or later.

EXPOSITION FEES: $50 if submitted by August 1 and $75 after August 1. A single fee allows the participant to exhibit an instrument, bow or accessory. Providing there is sufficient space in the exhibition room, individuals can display more than one item without incurring additional fees. The Innovation Exposition Committee reserves the right to decline any submission for insufficient display space or for any other reason. Refunds will be given if a submission is not accepted. Refunds will not be given if the primary submission is accepted but additional submissions are not. The Innovation Exposition Committee will determine how and where each item will be displayed. The participant is not renting a commercial vendor space. Contact the VSA for information about renting commercial vendor space which is available in a separate room.

PRINTED PRESENTATIONS: All entrants are encouraged to submit a written presentation and/or poster (max size 30"x40") that describe the design intent, the design goals, and how the design goals are met. Price lists and marketing material devoid of technical content will not be allowed. An outline of the proposed written presentation or poster should be submitted to the Innovation Exposition Committee by September 15, 2006 to be considered for inclusion in the Exposition.

ADDITIONAL FEES: The Innovation Exposition is one of many events at the VSA Convention. Additional fees are required to attend the VSA Convention and to enter instruments into the International Competition.

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION: The Innovation Exposition is a separate event from the 17th International Competition. This entry form CANNOT be used for the International Competition. The Competition has its own set of rules, a separate entry fee, and a different entry form which is elsewhere on this website.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: The VSA will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of items entered into the Exposition. However, the VSA is not responsible for any loss, damage or destruction to any items during the Exposition and the period which the items are stored at the host shop. Participants are responsible for insuring their own items.

LETTER OF INVITATION: If you require a letter of invitation to accompany a visa application for entry into the US, you must make your request for such a letter in writing to the VSA office before September 1, 2006. Please check in your own country for any deadlines.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: Public display of a design, invention, or other innovation may have legal consequences. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to protect his or her legal rights, including intellectual property rights, in connection with the exhibition and to seek legal advice in this regard. The VSA cannot give legal advice and is not responsible or liable for any and all consequences resulting from an exhibitor's participation in the Exposition.

PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE PICTURES AND DESCRIPTIONS: Each entrant in the Innovation Exposition agrees to give the VSA permission to reproduce submitted presentations and to reproduce pictures and descriptions of their submitted instruments, bows and accessories.

SHIPPING, CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT: Exhibitors will be contacted with this information.

INFORMATION: For more information or questions, please contact Fan Tao at 631-439-3270.


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