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17 #1 1998 (Proc. 26th Conv., Part II)    
  Awards Presented at the 1998 VSA Competition   3
  Audio Calipers: Interpreting the Work of Isaak Vigdorchik Tom Croen 5
  A Holistic View of Violin Acoustics Norman Pickering 29
  Varnishing Techniques: An 18th-Century European Mania, a Lasting Fascination Christine Arveil 55
  Innovation in Violin Making Joseph Curtin 75
  Ole Bull: A Renaissance Man Amnon Weinstein 85
  Shop Safety Charles Rufino 127
  Le Messie Stewart Pollens 151
17 #2 Nov. 1999 (Proc. 27thConv.)    
  Guided Tour of the Library of Congress Collection of Stringed Instruments Robert Bein 11
  The Nature of Varnish and the Care of Historic Coatings Mel Wachowiak 51
  Guided Tour of the Smithsonian Collection Of Stringed Instruments Robert Bein 67
  The Janos Scholz Cello Bow Collection Yung Chin 87
  Photos from the Convention William Sloan 97
  SpectraFoo: A New Tool for Acoustical Analysis B.J. Buchalter and Joseph Regh 187
  An Introduction to the Life of G. B. Guadagnini Duane Rosengard 123
17 #3 Nov. 2000 (Proc. 28th Conv., Pt. 1)    
  Violin Making in Turin: 1800-1870 Philip Kass 27
  The Optical Properties of Wood Geary Baese 57
  Why Strings Sound Different Norman Pickering and Fan Tao 73
  A Familiar Ring: An Introduction to Tree Ring Dating Henri Grissino-Mayer 93
  Lecture/Demonstration: The Alexander Technique William Conable 117
  The Dendochronology of Stradivaris Violins John Topham 133
  Messiah Redux Stewart Pollens 159
  The Messie: A Panel Discussion   181
  2000 VSA Competition Summary Barbara Van Itallie 223
  Berend Moller Memorial Award Winner: D. William Halsey   237
18 #1 Nov. 2000 (Proc. 28th Conv., Pt. 2)    
  Set Up of Instruments Rene Morel 3
  The Knopf Bow-Making Family of Markneukirchen Klaus Grunke 21
  Nicolas Lupot, His Contemporaries and Pupils: Violin Making in Paris from 1770 to 1835 Roland Baumgartner 45
  Varnishing Today and the Old Italian Look Joseph Curtin 89
  Testimonial Dinner for Albert Mell John Cassidy 109
  From Acoustics Lab to Violin: Engineering and Violin-Making Perspectives Oliver Rodgers and Pamela Anderson 119
  Viol Pleading: What Are Violin Makers and the Stringed Instrument Industry Doing to Foster String Playing in America? David Lusterman 147
  The Science of the Art of Bowing F.J. Testa 173
  A Concert by the Byron Berline Band Byron Berline 193
18 #2 Nov. 2001 (Proc. 29th Conv.)    
  The Bowed String and the Player Fan Tao 13
  String Motion Revisited Wolfgang Vogl 31
  Strings: The Third Element  John V. Cavanaugh, Jim Cavanaugh and Caryn Patterson 61
  How to Anticipate Future Changes in Strings Bernard Maillot 71
  VSA-Sponsored Trip to Study the Messiah Helen Hayes and Joseph Regh 91
  Dendrochronological Dating of Stringed Instruments: A Reevaluation Henri Grissino-Mayer, Paul Sheppard and Malcolm Cleaveland 127
  Reproducing Historical Gut Strings: A Modern Approach  Dan Larson 175
  Panel Discussion: String Selection Norman Pickering, Ken Meyer, William Monical and Bruno Price 203
18 #3 Nov. 2002 (Proc. 30th Conv., Pt. 1)    
  Forum: VSA-Oberlin College Program  Helen Hayes, Moderator 25
  Violin Acoustics: A Perspective  Fan Tao 49
  The Hill Method of Bow Making  Tim Baker 63
  Photos from the Convention   119
  Wood Borers and Bow Bugs  Ben Stinner 123
  Biology and Ecology of Violin Wood Ben Stinner 143
  Drying Oils in Varnish  Gregg Alf 169
  The Pernambuco Initiative Yung Chin and Charles Espey 185
  An Overview of the 2002 Competition Barbara Van Itallie 215
19 #1 Nov. 2002 (Proc. 30th Conv., Pt. 2)    
  Grading Methods for Pernambuco  Joseph Regh 3
  Transverse Vibration Modes in Violin Bows Norman Pickering 29
  Remembering Hill Fittings and the Men Who Made Them  Eric Meyer 47
  Sound Adjustment Forum Guy Rabut and David Burgess 69
  The Richardson Tertis Viola  Wilfred Saunders 85
  Copying an Historical Frog  Paul Siefried 101
  Violins and the Law  Dominik Musafia 181
  The Playing Parts of the Bow: Focusing on the Stick Benoit Rolland 201
19 #2 Nov. 2003 (Proc. 31st Conv.)    
  What Musicians Want in a Stringed Instrument Joel Becktell, Moderator 15
  Thickness Graduation Mapping: Surprises And Discoveries Jeffrey Loen 41
  The Piatigorsky Foundation Evan Drachman 67
  Perspectives on the Authentication of Bows Paul Childs 87
  Violin Expertise and the Instruments of the Classical Period  Robert Bein 139
  The Violins of Lorenzo Guadagnini? Chris Reuning 153
  Expertise Forum Robert Bein, Paul Childs and Chris Reuning 189
  The VSA-Oberlin Setup Workshop David Burgess 207
19 #3 2005    
  The Français House of Violin Making: A Retrospective Gael Français 3
  In Memoriam: Oscar Shumsky, March 22, 1917 - July 24, 2000 Eric Shumsky, Aaron Rosand, Emanuel Vardi, Bernard Greenhouse, David Gross, Eugene Duichev, William & Mona Reisman Schoen and Albert Mell 23
  Nicolas Denis' Legacy Philip Kass 37
  Handel's Sonata in D Major Albert Mell 53
  An Interview with Marten Cornelissen Christopher White 71
  Book Review: A Fiddler's Tale by Louis and Annette Kaufman Albert Mell 79
19 #4 2005 (VSA Papers 1 #1)    
  Introduction to VSA Papers Helen Hayes 3
  Editor’s Perspective Brian Newnam 5
  A Rational Look at the Classical Italian Coatings Koen Padding 11
  Bent Splines as a Possible Origin for Violin and Guitar Outlines Marty Kasprzyk 26
  Shedding Light on Jean-Delphin Alard: 19th-Century Violinist, Pedagogue, and Composer Deborah Weagel 35
  Comparing the Sound of Golden-Age and Modern Violins: Long-Time-Average Spectra Anders Buen 51
  Tonal Tests of Prizewinning Violins at the 2004 VSA Competition Oliver E. Rodgers 75
  Coupled String-Bridge Resonances  Norman C. Pickering 96
  On Graduating the Thickness of Violin Plates to Achieve Tonal Repeatability Nigel Harris 111
  Diagnosing and Making Tonal Improvements to Stringed Instruments Christopher Germain 124
  Bridge Tuning: Methods and Equipment  Joseph Curtin 132
  Photography for Instrument Makers  Terry Borman and Scott Rawley 140
20 #1 2004 (Proc. of 32nd Conv., Pt. 1)    
  Some Surprising Recent Discoveries Regarding the Origins of the Violin  David Rivinus 29
  The Highest Strength with the Least Material  Peter Paul Prier 45
  The Analysis of a Violin  Charles Beare 53
  The Main Proportions of the Violin Family  François Denis 69
  Four Tourte Bow Makers with Four Violin Makers of the Same Period  Bernard Millant 81
  Life and Work of Eugene Sartory  Lynn A. Hannings 157
  2004 Competition Summary and Comparison with the 2002 and 2000 Competitions  Barbara Van Itallie 217
  Awards Presented at the 2004 VSA Competition in Portland, Oregon    221
20 #2 Summer 2006 VSA Papers    
  The King Cello and the Painted Decoration on the Amati Instruments Made for the Court of Charles IX of France, 1560-1574  Andrew Dipper 15
  The Sellas Family of Violin and Lute Makers of Venice, 1610-1760  Stefano Pio 79
  From Where Did the Violin’s Figure-8 Outline Come?  Marty Kasprzyk 100
  Violin Cases: History and Development from the 17th to the 21st Century Glenn P. Wood 117
  On Projection -- Long-Time-Average Spectral Analysis of Four Played Violins Erik Jansson 143
  What Determines the “Quality” of Violins (An Essay for Makers)  Pamela J. Anderson and Oliver E. Rodgers 156
  Tap Tones and Weights of Old Italian Violin Tops  Joseph Curtin 162
  Sophisticated Testing by Tapping  Oliver E. Rodgers 175
  Wing Fling  Oliver E. Rodgers 181
  Response Time in Violins  Norman C. Pickering 184
  Two Aspects of Baroque Violin Technique, Part I: The Frog Hold  Penny Schwarze 189
  Creating Strategies: Preparing for Performance  Martha Caplin 207
  The Andrea Amati 500 Conference in Cremona Carlo Chiesa 230
  OCTET 2005: Premiere Convention of the New Violin Family Association Robert Spear 234
20 #3 2004 (Proc. of 32nd Conv., Pt. 2)    
  In Memoriam: Albert Mell (1917-2007)  Philip Kass 3
  In Memoriam: Oliver E. Rodgers (1915-2007)  Pamela Anderson 9
  Who Was the Maker?  Roland Baumgartner 13
  Panel Discussion on f-Holes  Tom King and Andrew Dipper (Christopher Germain, Moderator) 47
  Cello Making, Models, and Measurements  Frank Ravatin 88
  Considerations on the Authentication of Instruments: A Historic View  Philip Kass 100
  • The Amiata Summit Gregg Alf 115
  • The Amati Foundation Bill Townsend 115
  • The Federation Exhibit of American Violin and Bow Makers John Montgomery 115
  The International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative  Lynn Hannings and Yung Chin 146
21 #1 2007 (VSA Papers)    
  In Memoriam: Robert Bein, 1950-2007 James Warren 13
  Violin Cases of the 18th and 19th Centuries in their Historical Settings Glenn P. Wood 15
  The Life and Work of Matteo Goffriller of Venice 1659-1742 Stefano Pio 31
  On Timbre Parameters and Sound Levels of Recorded Old Violins Anders Buen 57
  The B0 & B-1 Resonances: A Study of Coupled Oscillators Bill Atwood and Brian Keeney 69
  Use of String Vibration to Analyze the Acoustics of a Musical Instrument Oded Kishony 77
  Surprising Regularity between Plate Modes 2 and 5 and the B1 Corpus Modes: Part I George Bissinger 83
  Acoustic Properties of Thermally Modified Spruce for Use for Violins Alexander Pfriem, Klaus Eichelberger and André Wagenführ 102
  A Wood Viscoelasticity Measurement Technique and Applications to Musical Instruments: First Results S. Le Conte, S. Vaiedelich, and M. François 112
  Stradivari’s Varnish: A Review of Scientific Findings—Part I Bruce (Hwan-Ching) Tai 119
  A Recreation of the Particulate Ground Varnish Layer Used on Many Violins Made before 1750 Nigel Harris, Roger Sheldon, and James Johnston 145
  The Use of Ultraviolet Light Sources in Lutherie Koen Padding 160
  Techniques for Scroll and Pegbox Repair and Restoration Georg Albeck 166
  Replacement of a Violin Bow Frog Tongue Jerry Pasewicz 174
  Two Aspects of Baroque Violin Technique, Part II: The Low Hold Penny Schwarze 185
  A Practical Guide to the Art of Collaborative Sight-Reading of Chamber Music for Experienced Musicians Peter Lang 203
  Thoroughly Modern Modal Meets Three Old Italian Master Violins George Bissinger, Danial Rowe, David Oliver, Vikrant Palan, John Foley, Joseph Curtin, Ara Gregorian, Joseph V. Regh, Fan-Chia Tao, and Sam Zygmuntowicz 213
  Fiddles, Ticks, and Violins: Report on Mark O’Connor’s Fiddle Camp, Nashville, TN, June 2006 Maiko Kawabata 223
  Gio: Paolo Maggini in Brescia: International Violinmaking Exhibition Philip Kass 226
  Les violons du roi: Report on the Cremona Exhibition Andrea Amati Opera Omnia Philip Kass 230
  Cremona Mondomusica 2007 Philip Kass 234
21 #2 2007 (Proc. 23rd Conv.)    
  American Violinmakers  David Bromberg 13
  The Appraisal Process  Jeffrey Holmes, Philip Kass, and Christopher Reuning 38
  Innovation and Shifting Paradigms: State of the Art  Norman C. Pickering 60
  Innovation and Shifting Paradigms in Violin Design  Guy Rabut 62
  Innovation and Shifting Paradigms: Innovation in Bow Making  Benoît Rolland 82
  The Amiata Summit  Gregg Alf with contributions by Peter Beare, Raymond Schryer, Jan Spidlen, Luca Primon, and Andrew Ryan 92
  Real-Time Tonal Modifications: The “Gluey” Project Samuel Zygmuntowicz 110
  Innovations in Bass Making and a Playing Demonstration Jim Ham and Craig Butterfield 127
  Building Ultra-Light Instruments Joseph Curtin 156
  Designing and Building Ultra-Light Instruments  Douglas Martin 165
  Two Professional Musicians Comment on Playing the Instruments in the Festival of Innovation Mini-Exhibition    184
22 #1 2009 (VSA Papers)    
  In Memoriam: Carleen Hutchins, 1911-2009 Robert Spear 13
  The Appearance of the Violin in Poland and Italian Links to Paths of Polish Royal Patronage Tyrone Greive 18
  The Stradivari Model G, the Golden Section, and Modern Violin Design Robert J. Spear 38
  The Evolution of Violin Vibrato in the 20th Century Colin Gough 49
  Stradivari’s Varnish: A Review of Scientific Findings—Part II Bruce H. Tai 60
  Development of the Chemical-Material Paradigm of Cremonese Violins: Part I—The Wood of the Masters Joseph Nagyvary 91
  Production of Superior Wood for Violins by Use of Wood Decay Fungi Francis W.M.R. Schwarze, Melanie Spycher, and Siegfried Fink 116
  Tailoring Spruce for Musical Instruments Joseph Regh 125
  Experiments with Physical-Etch Treatment of Spruce Violin Tops Todd Matus 135
  Experiments on the Relationship between the Resonance Frequencies of the B1Corpus Bending Modes, Rib Thickness, and Free Plate Tuning Robert Wilkins and Jie Pan 144
  Taper and Camber of Violin Bows John E. Graebner and Norman C. Pickering 160
  On the Prominence of the Violin Bridge Hill in Notes of Played Music Erik V. Jansson 169
  Acoustical Analysis of Five Cremonese Instruments in the Collection of the Library of Congress Alvin Thomas King 177
  Measuring Violin Sound Radiation Using an Impact Hammer Joseph Curtin 186
  A Comparative Study of the Hammered Bridge Response and the Bowed StringResponse of the Violin Nigel Harris and Frank Fahy 210
  X-ray CT Measurements of the Internal Corpus Volume and a New Soundpost-Corpus Volume Relationship for Stringed Instruments of the Violin Family Steven Sirr and John Waddle 224
  CT Detection of Shear Forces in Bent Wooden Plates: Evidence that the Amatis Did Not Bend their Violin Plates Steven Sirr and John Waddle 236
  Review of the Uses of Computed Tomography for Analyzing Instruments of the Violin Family with a Focus on the Future Terry Borman and Berend Stoel 239
  The Peg Ringer—A Novel Tool to Repair Peg Hole Cracks Joseph Regh 251
  Report on the François Xavier Tourte Forum James Warren 255
22 #2 2006 Convention Proceedings Issue    
  Varnish, Then and Now: The Composition and History of Oil Varnish from a Maker’s Perspective Joe Robson 24
  A Student’s Life in Mittenwald in the 1960s Robert Cauer 31
  The Mirecourt Technique: A Personal Perspective Christophe Landon 35
  Hungarian Violinmakers from 1800 to 1950, the Budapest School of Copyists, and the Reményi Shop Michael E. Reményi 50
  A Fine Mess-The Surprising Order in the f-Hole Methods of Joseph Guarneri del Gesú, Andrew Ryan 67
  The Tête-Bêche Model Bow Gilles Nehr 73
  Rethinking Rehairing Benoît Rolland 81
  Alternative Woods for Bow Making Lynn Hannings and John Aniano 91
  Progress on Ultra-Light Cellos Jim Ham and T.B. (Ted) White 99
  Tribute to Norman Pickering: New Light on Bow Action Michael Gouzman 13
  Marketing Strategies Bernd Müsing 15
  Marketing: An Overview of Strategies and Techniques Stefan Hersh 26
  Recent Developments in the Pernambuco Trade Celso de Mello, Vito Vissicaro, Renato Casara, and Marco Raposo 35
  The Strad 3-D Project: New Ways to See the Violin Danial G. Rowe 45
  Visualizing Violin Sound Martin Schleske 61
23 #1 2007 Convention Proceedings Issue    
  The Best of American Violinmakers David Bromberg 14
  Review of the Brescian Exhibition Christopher Reuning 42
  Violinmaking in the American Heartland and the West Coast Christopher Germain 59
  Violinmaking on the Eastern Seaboard Philip Kass 86
  Spruce Surface Modifications for Improving the Tone of Musical Instruments Joseph Regh 111
  Tuning up Baroque William Monical 123
  Panel Discussion: Contemporary Viola Making Marilyn Wallin, Christopher, Germain, Guy Rabut, Bill Scott,and Mark Womack 133
  Looking at Hair Tension as a Design Parameter in Violin Bows Joseph Regh 142
  Violin Dimensional Measurements James Ham 149
  Progress in Tone-Burst Analysis of Bowed Stringed Instruments T.B. (Ted) White 152
  Lutherie in Extreme Conditions Geoffrey Allison 162
  Panel Discussion: The Subject of Antiquing Instruments Gregg Alf, Sharon Que, Elmar Oliveira, Philip Kass, Christopher Germain, and Andrew Ryan 173
  Panel Presentation:The Strad3D Project George Bissinger, Joseph Curtin, Joseph Regh, Fan-Chia Tao, and Sam Zygmuntowicz 186
23 #2 2008 Convention Proceedings Issue    
  The History of the VSA Eric Chapman 22
  It Is Only Fittings Eric Meyer 33
  VSA Competitions-An Analysis Joseph Regh 63
  Panel 1: Approaches to Copying Masterpiece Instruments Tom Croen, Christopher Germain, and Feng Jiang 95
  Panel 2: Conceptual Approaches to Violinmaking George Stoppani, David Wiebe, and David Burgess 99
  Panel 3: Special Methods for Repair and Restoration Robert Cauer, Sharon Que, George Meiwes, and Jerry Pasewicz 104
  Panel 4: Practical Advice on Shipping Stringed Instruments Ellis Hershman, James Ham, and Ken Wise 118
  Panel Discussion: String Education Success Stories-Reports from the Field Judy Weigert Boussat, Bret P. Smith, and Sandra K. Jordan 121
  Panel Discussion: China and Violin Mass Production Haide Lin, Jay Ifshin, Qian Ni, Xueping Hu, and Sophie Chen 130
  Panel Discussion: Violin Performance and Education in China Weigang Li, Yi-Wen Jiang, and Honggang Li 139
  Panel Discussion: Ascension of Chinese Luthiers to World-Class Violin Making Feng Jiang, Quan Zheng, and Shu Sheng Kot 147
  Panel Discussion: The Violin in China: A Look to the Future Quan Zheng, Feng Jiang, Haide Lin, Shu Sheng Kot, Sophie Chen, and Qian Ni 152
23 #3 2008 Convention Proceedings Issue    
  History of Innovation of Bows Yung Chin 3
  Unanswered Questions about Bow Behavior John Aniano 8
  Camber versus Taper John E. Graebner and Norman C. Pickering 12
  Panel Discussion: Innovation in Bow Making Yung Chin, Joseph Regh, Rodney Mohr, John Aniano, and John E. Graebner 21
  Cello Neck Reinforcement Jim Ham 29
  Guitars Harry Fleishman 37
  Active Control of Violin Bridges Charles Besnainou and Henri Boutin 45
  The Smallest Pellegrina David Rivinus 59
  A Player’s View Darol Anger 63
  Ultralight Violins Joseph Curtin 67
  Update on the Strad3D Project Samuel Zygmuntowicz 75
  Stradivari’s Wood and Was It Treated? A CT Perspective John Waddle and Steve Sirr 82
  Violin Sound: What Can We Hear? What Can We Measure? Joseph Curtin 98
  Pernambuco Conservation: Programa Pau-Brasil Lynn Hannings and Yung Chin 107
  Bow Screw Threads and Standards Steve Beckley 116
  An Overview of Bow Tips from Tourte to Sartory Matthew Wehling 125
24 #1 2009 Convention Proceedings Issue    
  A Message from the President   iii
  Board of Directors   iv
  Program of the 2009 Convention   v
  About the Lecturers and Musicians   vii
  Giuseppe filius Andrea Guarneri - Profiled from Two Perspectives Philip J. Kass and Marilyn J. Wallin 1
  American Fiddle Styles Liz Carroll, Erin Shrader and Raffaello Stefanini 19
  The Janos Scholz Cello Bow Collection Yung Chin 28
  Carleen Maley Hutchins - Her Life and Work Norman Pickering, Tom King and Robert Spear 51
  The Strad3D Project - Final Report Samuel Zygmuntowicz 61
  The Gagliano Family of Violinmakers of Naples Christopher Reuning 69
  VSA Membership Form   89
  Inside Back Cover - Information for Presenters    
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