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1 #1 Oct. 1974 (News Bulletin, Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Violin Making)
Introduction and Goals of the ASAV 1
History (organizational meeting, Nov. 11, 1973, New York, NY) 2
Development and Current Situation 3
Memoriam for Simone Fernando Sacconi (1895-1973) 4
Listing of Officers and Directors of the ASAVM 7
1 #2 Winter 1975 (News Bulletin, Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Violin Making)
First Annual ASAV Meeting, Nov. 10, 1974, New York, NY 1
Dario D’Attili, biography 4
In Memoriam: David Dyodorovich Oistrach (1908-1974) 5
Biographical Listings for Ray H. Abrams, Norman Carol, Harry Duffy, Vahakn Nigogosian, Sergei Peresson, and William Salchow 5
1 #3 Spring 1975 (News Bulletin, Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Violin Making)
First Annual ASAV Meeting, Nov. 10, 1974, New York, NY (cont’d) 1
Oscar Schumsky, biography 3
In Memoriam: Lionel Tertis (1876-1975) 4
Violin by Joseph Guarnarius del Gesu, 1743 5
Biographical Listings for Jacques Francais, Mosa Havivi, George Humphrey, Hans Nebel, and Adolph Primavera 6
1 #4 September 1975 (News Bulletin, Amer. Soc. for Adv. of Violin Making)
Summary of the International Viola Makers Competition at Ypsilanti, MI, June 27-29, 1975 1
Second Annual ASAV Convention, June 1-2, 1975, New York, NY 3
William Hermann Moennig, II, biography 5
Antonio Stradivari – “The Rode,” 1715 6
Biographical Listings for Aba Bershadsky and Kurt Brychta 7
2 #1 Winter 1976 (News Bulletin, Violin Society of America)
The ASAV Becomes The Violin Society of America Albert Mell 1
Autobiographical Musings by the 1st President of the VSA Eric Chapman 4
Paganini and Vuillaume Albert Mell 5
Isaac Stern Albert J. Kaplan 8
In Memoriam, Carl G. Becker (1887-1975) 9
The Aranyi Strad, 1667 Albert J. Kaplan 10
Alfio Batelli of Florence Alexander Capurso 13
Biographical Listings for Helmuth Keller, Milton M. Koskoff, and Albert Mell Albert J. Kaplan 13
2 #2 Spring 1976
Ruggiero Ricci Shirley Fleming 9
Samuel Nemessanyi, 19 Century Violin Maker and Copyist Herbert Goodkind 12
Pegs and Peg Shavers Warren Condit 17
Glues and Their Uses: Part I-Hide Glue Vahakn Nigogosian 20
Yankee Bass Viol Makers Frederick Selch 26
Violin Auctions: Fun, Profit, Regrets? Steven Wernick 38
Where Are They Now?: Richard Burgin Albert Mell 41
Up Bows and Down Bows: A Column of Miscellany 42
Historical Reprint: The Arts and Crafts of The Worshipful Guild of Violin-Makers of Markneukirchen, 1677-1772, Part I E. and M Heron-Allen 48
2 #3 Summer 1976
J.S. Bach’s Three Viola da Gamba Sonatas: Their Adaptability for Viola Paul Doktor 6
A Bicentennial Celebration: Music for and by Americans Albert Mell 11
Paulus Pilat (1897-1961) Louis Kievman 16
Fritz Kreisler, Copy of Programs Played In Philadelphia, 1920 20
Reminiscences of Samuel Gardner; Playing In the Kneisel Quartet, 1914-15 21
The Father of American String Quartets Harold Schonberg 27
Glues and Their Uses: Part II Casein And the Synthetic Polymers Vahakn Nigogosian and Albert Mell 30
The Lure of the Violin: Some Reflections And Considerations Albert J. Kaplan, M.D 35
Gregor Piatigorsky: A Tribute Laurence Lesser 40
Up Bows and Down Bows 47
Historical Reprint: The Arts and Crafts of The Worshipful Guild of Violin-Makers of Markneukirchen, 1677-1772, Part II E. and M Heron-Allen 49
2 #4 Fall 1976 (Proc.4th Convention.)
Violin Making School of America Peter Prier 16
Rationale and Methods Used by Workmanship Judges Harry A. Duffy 32
Symposium: Old versus New Instruments 51
Exhibition of Pre-1900 American Stringed Instruments Philip Kass 70
An American First: Musical Instrument Auctions at the Tepper Galleries and the Southeby Parke Bernet Philip Kass 84
The Manufacturer of Strings for Musical Instruments Oskar Schuster 89
Varnishes William Fulton 105
Violin Making in the People Republic of China Jack Loeb 120
A Collector’s Musings on the Symbolism Of the Violin Alexander Capurso, Ph.D. 126
3 #1 Winter 1977
The Role of Hair Structure in Sound Production of Bowed Instruments J. James, et al 5
Ernest N. Doring (1877-1955) Herbert K. Goodkind 13
Viva the Early Violin Sonya Monosoff 17
Reminiscences of Samuel Gardner Part II 22
The Russian Violin School Transplanted To America Boris Schwarz 29
The Unbalanced Bow Joseph Siegelman 35
Musical Instrument Auctions: The Tepper Galleries and Sotheby Parke Bernet Albert Mell 37
The Markneukirchen Guild, Part III E. and M Heron-Allen 46
Christie’s and Sotheby’s Auctions, London May 10, 12 60
3 #2 Spring 1977
A Conversation with Itzhak Perlman 5
The Curtis String Quartet Celebrates Fifty Years of Performing Lawrence M. Seiver 27
William Sidney Mount’s “Cradle of Harmony,” A Unique 19th Century American Violin Alan C. Buechner 35
The Bach-Bow Controversy Drora Pershing 72
The Kenneth Warren & Son School of Violin Making Kenneth Warren 82
18th Century Concertos for the Viola Maurice Riley 88
Fifth International Viola Congress Myron Rosenblum 91
International Meeting of Violin and Bow Makers William Salchow 108
The Markneukirchen Guild, Part IV E. and M Heron-Allen 111

3 #3 Summer 1977
Jaap Schroeder Discusses Bach’s Work for Unaccompanied Violin 7
Louis Bailly (1882-1974) Maurice Reilly 33
Louis Bailly’s Gaspara de Salo Viola Maurice Reilly 50
To Graduate or Not to Graduate Vahakn Nigogosian and Albert Mell 58
La Lutherie at Mirecourt Aime Gaugue 68
The Aphorisms of Dr. Jules Chenantais Jan James 80
Habit versus Spontaneity Emanuel Zetlin 90
Emanuel Zetlin, a Profile Albert Mell 96
Chang Heyern Jin Eric Chapman 100
3 #4 Fall 1977 "Bows" (Proc.5th Convention.)
Symposium: The Performer and the Bow 11
Symposium: The Baroque Bow - Past and Present 35
Symposium: National School and Styles Of Bow Making 87
Symposium: Bow Repair and Maintenance 105
Bow Hairs and String Dr. J. James 131
4 #1 Winter 1977-78
Joseph Fuchs: An Interview with William Salchow 5
Japp Schroeder Discusses Ornamentation in Baroque Performance Practice 22
The “Restored” Stradivari and Amati Violins Of the Metropolitan Museum of Art 34
The Second Revolution in the History of the Violin: A 20th Century Phenomenon Elias Dann 48
Efrem Zimbalist Honored by the Curtis Institute of Music 57
The Sotheby Parke Bernet Musical Instrument Auction, NY, April 11, 1978 79
Emanuel Feuermann’s Cellos Seymour Itzkoff 85
Kato Havas Says Hello Albert Mell 101
The Violin Congress, London, 1978 Myron Rosenblum 111
Edward Campbell, Violin Maker Eric Chapman 122
Jascha Heifetz: An Interview with Herbert Axelrod 136
4 #2 Spring 1978
Wolfe Wolfinsohn: An Interview with Albert Mell 6
A Visit with Alexandra de Lazari-Borissovsky Russia’s “Mother Viola” Maurice Riley 12
John Bolanger, Dean of American Bow Makers: An Interview with William Salchow 43
Violin Making in Russia: Past and Present Isaak Vigdorchik 66
Reflections on the London Auction Scene Steven Wernick 87
The Sotheby Parke Bernet Musical Instrument Auction, NY, Dec. 1, 1978 92
A Gifted Young Maker: Otto Karl Schenk Eric Chapman 101
The William Primrose Viola Library David Dalton 119
4 #3&4 Summer/Fall 1978 (Proc.6th Convention.)
The Use of Power Tools in Violin Making Albert Fischer 35
The History and Interpretation of Chemical Knowledge Available to Violin Makers Dr. Joseph Nagyvary 147
The Mittenwald School: Past and Present Karl Roy 177
Lecture by Rafael Druian 213
The Art of the French Bow Etienne Vatelot 238
The Genesis of a Journal Albert Mell 257
The Hill Tradition Anthony Hill 266
Centuring Your Graduations Otto Erdesz 289
Observations of a Tone Judge Pamela Goldsmith 329
5 #1 Winter 1978-79 (Proc.6th Convention.)
Jerome Bonaparte and Victor Carroll Squier: Two Generations of American Violin Makers Mary Steffek Blaske 3
The Geometry of the Stradivari Scroll Profiles Jacob N. Saunder 35
An Interview with Oscar Shumsky Samuel Applebaum and Henry Roth 42
The London Auction Scene: May, 1979 Steven Wernick 62
NY Auctions: Christie’s, Phillips and Sotheby Parke Bernet, June, 1979 Albert Mell 68
The William Primrose International Viola Competition Maurice Riley 80
“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”, A Report of the 7th International Viola Congress, Provo, Utah, July, 1979 Myron Rosenblum 91
Viola Congress Lectures: The Violist as Professional: A Panel Discussion with Ralph Aldrich, Donald McInnes, William Pruecil And Alan de Veritch 106
The Early Development of the Viola by Luthiers of the Brescian and Cremona Schools Maurice Riley 120
Ruminations on the Viola William Primrose 153
5 #2 Spring 1979
The Role of the Museum in the Conservation and Preservation of Bowed Stringed Instruments 9
Artists' Observations of Musical Performance 31
The Why of the Bow 61
Exhibition of Violins and Bows in the Smithsonian Collection 75
The Viola D'Amore: Its History, Music,and Makers 117
Tour of the Stringed Instrument Collection of The Library of Congress 138
5 #3 Summer 1979
The Auer Mystique: A Personal Recollection Gilbert Ross 3
Christie's Second New York Auction,March 29, 1980 Philip Kass 18
Sotheby's Sixth New York Musical Instrument Auction, Nov.24, 1979 Philip Kass 21
Some Thoughts on the Acoustics of Bowed Stringed Instruments Isaac Vigdorchik 26
A Seminar: Making Violins in the People's Republic of China Professor Tan Shuzhen 72
Albert Moglie: An Interview with John Rossi 107
The Violin in India Vicki Homer Richards 137
An Interview with Dr. N. Rajam Vicki Homer Richards 142
5 #4 Fall 1979/Winter 1980
The Baroque Repertory for Violin in the German Countries: A Survey Jaap Schroeder 5
The Problem of Viola Size Franz Zeyringer 18
Miron Poliakin (1895-1941) Lev Raaben 37
Reminiscences of Miron Poliakin Louis Gabowitz 51
Violin Strings – Why Do They Always Break in the Peg Box? Albert Fischer 64
Ysaye’s Six Sonates Pour Violon Seul: A Belated Proofreading Ted Henkle 72
Musical Instrument Fair: Music Mountain, June 14, 1980 Albert Mell 91
Jean Baptiste Vuillaume: His Life and Work David Sackson 95
Evaluation of the Playing Qualities of Bows: A Proposal Harry Fleisher 107
A Method for Judging the Playability of Bows in Competitions Edward Campbell 111
Second International Triennale of Stringed Instruments, Cremona, Italy Henry Lanini 114
Americans Win FIrst and Second Prizes in the Lionel Tertis Viola Competition Maurice Riley 129
6 #1 Spring/Summer 1980 (Proc. 8th Convention, Pt. 1.)
Maker’s Forum, Chaired by Paul Schuback 11
Early American Violins and Their Makers Frederick Seich 33
Development of a Laboratory of Acoustical Research and Quality Control Bernard Maillot and Michel Simane 43
It’s Never Too Late John Holt 66
Auer and Flesch: The Men and Their Methods Theodore Henkle 80
A History of Violin Periodicals from1884 to 1981 Herbert K. Goodkind 106
6 #2 Fall 1980/Winter 1981 (Proc. 8th Convention, Pt. 2.)
The Viola d’Amore at Mannheim Daniel Thomason 30
Anton Huberty’s Collection of Viola d’Amore Music Louise Goldberg 37
Effects of Minerals and Fibers on Plate Tuning Joseph Nagyvary 53
Some Interesting Problems in Restoration Hans Weisshaar 80
English Bow Makers William Watson 96
What Researchers in Acoustics Can Do to Help the Violin Maker Norman Pickering, Sterling Gorrill, Edward Campbell, and Dale Stevens 117
Violin Making in Czechoslovakia Premysl Spidlen 134
Violin Appraisal and Identification Charles Beare 160
The Great Bow Makers of France Bernard Millant 179
6 #3 May-83
D.C. Dounis: The Man and His Pedagogy Louis Kievman 3
Strategies for Acoustical Varnish Joseph Nagyvary 19
The False Messiah Barbara Goldowsky Pickering 26
The Gemunder Family of Violin Makers Philip Kass 36
Results of Mechanical Bowing Tests Norman C. Pickering 59
The Ninth International Viola Congress Myron Rosenblum 65
A Conversation with Feodor Drushynin Daniel Barach 75
Improved Violin and Viola Clamps Louis Lionel Grand 78
In Memoriam: Max Aronoff Orlando Cole 86
New York Auctions Albert Mell 94
Sotheby Parke Bernet Musical Instrument Auction Rachel Goodkind 100
Interview with Max Rostal Theodore Henkle 103
In Memoriam: Albert J. Kaplan, M.D. Philip Kass 109
In Memoriam: Herbert K. Goodkind Albert Mell 113
6 #4 December 1983 (Proc.9th Convention.)
Ole Bull's 1647 Nicholas Amati Mortimer Smith 9
Great Cellos of Cremona, Rome,and Venice Wayne Burak 15
Summary of Ed Campbell's Talk 32
Objective Analysis of Violin Tone Using Current Technology Norman Pickering 35
Apprenticeship Programs in Restoration William Webster 65
The William Lewis Tradition Geoffrey Fushi 79
The Shirley Miller Bow Collection Kenneth Warren 102
Bow Restoration William Salchow 135
Martins Roberts Zemitis, Violin Varnish and Coloration William Fulton 170
Susan Caust Farrell, Directory of Contemporary American Instrument Makers Herbert K. Goodkind 172
Robert Bein & Geoffrey Fushi,"The King Joseph" Walter Kingsley 175
7 #1 1984
A Tribute to Joseph Szigeti 3
Plate Thinning for the Violin Maker Carleen Maley Hutchins 16
Yehudi Menuhin Discusses His Interpretation of the Bach Chaconne 37
A Study of Bow Hair and Rosin Norman C. Pickering 46
Bowed String Instrument Making in Canada: A Sparse History Gilles Potvin 73
An Interview with Saivatore Accardo Albert Mell 78
The Current Status of French Bow Making: A Crisis Averted, A Future Assured Mark Reindorf 89
Xl International Viola Congress in Houston Maurice W. Riley 129
London's Salomon String Quartet: Superb Classical Music on Period Instruments Paul B. Carison 137
Some Thoughts on Violin Making Dale Stevens 141
The First Louis Spohr International Violin Making Competition Albert Mell 152
7 #2 March 1985 (Proc.10th Convention., Pt. 1)
Makers' Forum Hans Weisshaar and Premysi Spidlen 13
The Acoustic Properties of Spruce William Fulton 37
The Fine Art of Creating Twentieth-Century Instruments Premysl Spidlen 57
Problems of Violin Adjustment Zenon Petesh 73
The Cremona Gold Color: Its Chemistry and Reconstruction Joseph Nagyvary 89
7 #3 June 1985 (Proc.10th Convention., Pt. 2)
Retouching: Methods and Materials Peggy Shipman 3
Space Age Technology for the Violin World Herbert A. Wilson 16
Bow Rehairing Frank Passa 39
From the Fifth International Competition and Exhibition Photos by Dale Stevens 53
Old Violins and Books About Violins Walter Hamma 63
Saturday Luncheon Norman Pickering 75
The Art of Sharpening Tools Zoltan Toth 80
7 #4 1986
An Interview with the Violinist Louis Kaufman Albert Mell 3
Violin Top Plate Arching William M. Fulton 39
What Dealers Are Looking for in a Contemporary Stringed Instrument Donald B. Norton 46
The Importance of Turpentine in Cremonese Varnishes (1550-1750) August M. Seher 55
Original Instruments and Authentic Performances: Fact, Fantasy, and Fraud Richard Rephann 66
Computer-Supported Judging of Instruments and Bows Joseph Regh 74
An Interview with Shinichi Yokoyama,Photographer of Antonio Stradivari in Japan 88
Contours, images, and the Bow Rodney Schmidt 102
Without Antonio Barbara Goldowsky 114
The Violin Sound Post as a Phase Regulator L. J. Lorenzen 122
The XIII International Viola Congress, June 12-16, 1985 Maurice W. Riley 134
A Discussion of the Metal Thumb Plate of the Bow Mark Reindorf
On the Effect of Heat Treatment upon Acoustic Properties of Spruce Charles Gadd and James D'Arcy 157
The Early History of the Viol, by Ian Woodfield Judith Davidoff 167
8 #1 1986 (Proc.12th Convention., Canada)
Modern Realization of Savart’s Violin Jacques Verdon 13
Strings: Facts and Fallacies W. S. Gorrill and N. Pickering 27
Venice: Four Centuries of Instrument Making Seymour Benstock 41
The Baroque Violin Douglas Cox 57
Electronic Violin: A Research Tool M. V. Mathews 71
Influence of Back Material on Viola Tone Carleen M. Hutchins 89
Violin Makers of the Low Countries Max Moller 100
The Philosophy of Restoration Charles Beare 112
Acoustical Varnishings William Fulton 137
Winners of Gold Medals and Certificates 153
8 #2 1987
An Interview with Louis Krasner Judith Davidoff 5
Historic Lute and Violin Varnishes: 1500-1800 Stewart Pollens 31
Physical Characteristics of Violin Bows Norman C. Pickering 41
An Interview with Michael Tree Albert Mell 59
Construction and Performance of Quality Commercial Violin Strings Ian Firth 75
Maud Powell: America’s Legendary Musical Pioneer Karen A. Shaffer 89
Women and the Violin Maud Powell 113
Bow Makers in the United States Mark R. Reindorf 117
Salvaging a Good Bow from the Scrap Pile Albert W. Fischer 133
Violinist Maurice Vieux and the International Viola Competitions Named in His Honor Maurice W Riley 139
The Stringed Instrument Collection in the Library of Congress; The Stringed Instrument Collection in the Corcoran Gallery of Art The Classic Bowed Straight Instruments from the Smithsonian Institution by Shinichi Yokoyama Philip Kass 152
8 #3 1987 (Proc.14th Convention., Pt. 1)
The Witten-Rawlins Collection and Other Early Italian Stringed Instruments at the Shrine to Music Museum Margaret Downie Banks 19
Classic Italian Violin Varnish Geary Baese 49
New Ideas In Plate Tuning Isaak Vigdorchik 76
Makers' Forum 110
Winners of Gold Medals and Certificates 143
9 #1 1988 (Proc.14th Convention., Pt. 2)
Jacobus Stainer and His Labels Karl Roy 11
Panel Discussion: Arching and Graduation- Theory and Practice 34
Scenes from the Exhibition Joe Marshall 55
The Transition to the Tourte Bow and Its Effect on Bowing Articulation Pamela Goldsmith 63
The Manuscript on Violin Making by G. A. Marchl, 1786 Roberto Regazzi 83
The Use of Empirical and Scientific Methods to Measure the Velocity of Propagation of Sound Giovanni Lucchi 107
Vahakn Y. Nigogosian: VSA Gold Medal Award for Exemplary Service Hans E. Tausig 124
9 #2 1988
Eighteenth Century Connections Through Musical Instruments Gary Sturm 33
Effect of Bowing Point on Violin Tone and Power Norman C Pickering 64
Observations on the Status, Instruments, and Solo Repertoire of Violists in the Classical Period Ann M. Woodward 81
Yfrah Neaman's Summer Violin Course in Suffolk, England Paul Carlson 105
In Memoriam: Isaak Vigdorchik Albert Mell 113
Interpreting the Work of the Master Violin Makers Graham Caldersmith 129
The 250th Anniversary of the Death of Stradivarius: A Pilgrimage to Cremona Albert Mell 143
Dedication of the Herbert K. Goodkind Library at Oberlin College 187
9 #3 1988
The Harrison" Violin, the "Rawlins" Guitar, and Other Stradivari Materials at the Shrine to Music Museum Margaret Downie Banks 13
Bridge and Set-up: Complexity in Adjustment Vahakn Nigogosian 36
Violin Varnish Now and Then William Fulton and Stan Schmidt 48
The Transition of the Amati Workshop into the Hands of Stradivari, 1660-1684 Daniel Draley 71
Cremona and the 1987 Stradivarius Exhibition Paul Schuback 98
Pictures from the Exhibition Joseph R. Lane 133
Antonio Stradivarius and His Time Elia Santoro 136
Influence of Top Thickness on Violin Tone Yuan-gong Xu, Dwight R. Dixon, Irvin G. Basset, and William J. Strong 145
A Conversation with Luiz Bellini Albert Mell 163
First World Cello Congress, June 7-9, 1988 Edward C. Campbell 184
XIV International Viola Congress, Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 16-20, 1987 Maurice W. Riley 196
10 #1 1989 (Proc.16th Convention., Pt. 1)
Minnesota Violin and Bow Makers Thomas Wenberg 17
The Method of Construction Used by the Cremonese Makers Circa 1550-1750 Roger Hargrave 31
Between Symphony and Song: The Violin Virtuoso in American History Karen A. Shaffer 109
The Stringed Instrument Restoration Workshop at Oberlin College Vahakn Nigogoslan 124
Makers' Forum Eric Chapman, Roger Hargrave, and Andrew Dipper 131
Pictures from the Exhibition 153
Optimizing the Acoustic Properties of Violin Plate Wood Charles W. Gadd 162
Violin Dealing, Then and Now Charles Beare 183
10 #2 1989 (Proc.16th Convention., Pt. 2)
The Bow from Earliest Times to Sartory Bernard Millant 3
Classical Edgework Roger Hargrave 49
Manufacturing Strings for the Violin Family James Rickard 66
String Testing Norman C. Pickering 107
Bowmakers Forum Bernard Millant and Etienne Vatelot 133
French Violin Makers from the Seventeenth Century up to and Including Vuillaume Etienne Vatelot 150
The Geometric Construction of the Violin Forms of Antonio Stradivari Andrew Dipper 163
Violin Photography Stewart Pollens 199
10 #3 1990
Herbert K. Goodkind: The Man and His Library Rachel Goodkind 13
Medical Problems of Violinists and Violin Makers Richard J. Lederman 21
Performance on New and Old Instruments and Bows Stephen Clapp, Gregory Fulkerson, and Norman Fischer 46
What Players Look for in New Instruments Stephen Clapp. Norman Fischer, Jeffrey Irvine, & Marilyn McDonald 61
The Berg Bow Michael Duff 75
Nineteenth-Century English Bowmakers of the Dodd and Tubbs Families Philip Kass 99
Shaping Blocks for Cello Sides Harold Hayslett 143
The XVII International Viola Congress Maurice W Riley 157
11 #1 1991
Building Violins in the Classical Italian Style Hans Weisshaar 3
Henri Temianka: A Long and Illustrious Musical Career Albert Mell 57
A New Light on Bow Action Norman Pickering 83
The Principles, Problems, and Philosophical Dilemma of Copying Historical Models Rowan Armour-Brown 93
A Look at the Violin in 16th- and 17th Century Poland Tyrone Greive 117
Some Further Thoughts on Clamps Roger Hargrave 143
Radiographic Examination of Violin and Cello Bows Paul Stark 153
11 #2 1991 (18th Convention, Pt. 1)
Bending of Violin Top Plates: A Hypothesis William M. Fulton 21
An Extensive Bibliography for Makers and Dealers: Problems and Solutions Roberto Regazzi 37
Playing a New Instrument Norman Fischer 51
Pictures from the Competition 65
Makers Forum 71
German Bow Making and Bow Makers Klaus Grunke 91
11 #3 1992 (18th Convention, Pt. 2)
British Makers of the Past and Present Wilfred G. Saunders 3
Violin Making by the Conn Company Of Indiana Margaret Downie Banks 31
Pictures from the Competition 77
Copying the Harrison Stradivari Douglas Cox 83
Traditional Fiddle Music of America Peter White 113
12 #1 1992
The Stati D'Anime of S. Faustino in Cremona: Tracing the Amati Family, 1641 to 1686 Philip Kass 3
In Memoriam: Hans Weisshaar Margaret Shipman 86
Cremona after Stradivari: The Bergonzi and Storioni Families Duane Rosengard 91
An Interview with Peter Paul Prier William Fulton 163
Bridge Feet: Why Do We Make Them Hollow? Edward C. Campbell 183
Old Wood Harry S. Wake 191
Fiddler's Chin or Neck: A Matter for Attention J. James 197
12 #2 1992 (19th Convention)
The Witten-Rawlins Collection: International Intrigue and Big Bucks Andre Larson 13
Ethics and Perspectives on the Preservation and Use of Our Instrumental Heritage Margaret Banks, Charles Beare And Andrew Dipper 23
Violin Expertise: How Can We Be Sure Who Made What? Charles Beare 45
The Importance of Giving the History Of the Violin Due Consideration: Update on Amati Research Dan Draley 67
Issues of Restoration, Conservation And Repair Andrew Dipper 87
Makers Forum Edward Campbell, Tom Croen, Gregg Alf 139
Guided Tour of the Shrine to Music’s Galleries Charles Beare 157
Violin Identification Quiz Dan Draley 183
12 #3 1993 (20th Convention, Pt. 1)
The Trouble with Plate Tuning Joseph Curtin 21
The Ceruti Family of Violin Makers Duane Rosengard 35
What the Instrument Means to the Modern String Player Raymond Page 69
The Unknown Portrait of a Well-Known Violin Maker: H.C. Silvestre Amnon Weinstein 92
Maker's Forum Eric Chapman, Moderator 111
Tempo Relationships in the Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by J.S. Bach Peter Susser 131
An Overview of the Carlisle convention Haus Tausig 149
13 #1 1993 (20th Convention, Pt. 2)
A Practical Approach to Retouching Margaret Shipman 3
Great British Frauds John Dilworth 15
Instrument Recognition Roger Hargrave 35
The Alexander Technique William Conable 125
The Violin 'Trade in 1992: An Economic Overview Philip M. Kass 137
Moravian Musicians and Musical Instrument Makers in Early America and the Influence on Them of the Saxon-Vogtlandisch Industry of Musical Instrument Making Frederick R. Selch 161
Informal Critique of the Competition Hans Tausig 195
13 #2 1994 (Joint Meeting VSA and CAS)
Modern Historical Research: The Violin As Art Philip Kass 11
Forty-five Years of Violin Acoustics Norman Pickering 33
The Use of Mineral Ground Coatings for Violin Varnish Andrew Dipper 43
Pictures from the Joint Meeting of the VSA and CAS Philip Kass 65
Aids for Tuning Violin Components Oliver E. Rodgers 71
The Collectors Point of View John Wells 95
Making Violins with Bent Plates William Fulton 123
A Conversation with Violinist Rachmael Weinnstock Albert Mell 145
A Pilot Study of the Identification of Preferred Violin Tone P. Thompson, A. Thompson, G.W. Caldersmith 185
The Art of Violin Making: From the Baroque to the Present Gianpaolo Gregori 199
13 #3 1994 (Proc.21st Convention.)
Overview of the Shirley Miller Bow Collection Shirley Miller 11
A Bow Maker's Perspective on the History of Bow Making Yung Chin 29
Internal Tension in Violins, Violas, and Cellos Peter Paul Prier 59
French Bows from 1800 to 1900 Paul Childs and James A. Warren 75
The Violin Forms of Stradivari Stewart Pollens 87
Discovering Bows for the Double Bass Chris Brown 133
Bow Making and Microphotography Philip Kass 169
14 #1 1995 (Proc.22d Convention. Pt. 1)
Violin Making in Germany: A General Overview Roland Baumgartner 23
Mountain Mahogany: A New Wood for an Old Trade Eric Meyer 45
Paganini: Virtuoso, Collector, Dealer Joseph Gold 67
Top Wood Identification on a Macro and Micro Level Christopher Dungey and Jeffrey S. Robinson 89
Legal Issues for Luthiers Carla Shapreau 135
Bending and Testing Violins William M.Fullton 153
Christopher de Groot: VSA President-Elect 193
Service Award for Hans Tausig Albert Mell 197
14 #2 1995 (Proc.22d Convention. Pt. 2)
The American School of Violin Making before 1950 David Bromberg 3
Francois Peccatte Paul Childs 39
Makers' Forum Thomas Oliver Croen (Moderator) 93
Archery and the Art of Violin Making Amnon Weinstein 111
Common Ground: 1950 New York City and 1960 Mirecourt Christopher Brown and Paul Schuback 137
Nicolaus Kittel: The Russian Tourte Kenway Lee 183
Louis Krasner: June 21, 1903 May 4, 1995 Albert Mell 211
1994 VSA Competition Winners 213
14 #3 1996
Violin Making and Makers in the Contrada Strada in Milan: An Examination of the Stati d'Anime of Santo Stefano Maggiore Carlo Chiesa 3
Stringed Instruments of the Milanese Liutai of the Contrada Larga Philip J Kass 43
Information Sheet on Varnish and Ground H. Burritt Miller 103
Sascha Jacobsen: A Master Violinist Remembered David Wallace, Louis Kaufman, Louis Kievman 111
America's First School of Violin Making Frederick R. Selch and Joseph Peknik 125
Silicates "in Violino": Stiffening American Top Woods David Ludwik Chrapiewicz 177
The Suite for Violin and Piano: William Grant Still and the Harlem Renaissance Rachel Vetta Huang 183
Joseph Gingold: Memories of an Artist, Pedagogue, and Friend Bertram Greenspan 197
In Memoriam: Rachmael Weinstock 1909-1996 Albert Mell 205
Memories of Joseph Kun Joseph Regh 209
15 #1 1996 (Proc.23d Conv.)
Musical Instrument Appraisals and The Auction Process Kerry Keane 13
A New Type of Strings for Bowed Instruments Norman Pickering 25
The Pressenda Family Phil Kass 45
French Violin Bridges Vahakn Nigogosian 101
Some Principles of Violin Setup Joseph Curtin 115
Chamfers Yung Chin 135
French Instruments Peter Paul Prier 153
15 #2 1996 (Proc.24th Conv., Pt. 1)
Materials and Practical Techniques for Instrument Conservation Joseph Grubaugh 25
Maestronet: Online Service Mark Wells 39
Report on a Bass Bar Study Thomas Croen and William Atwood 65
Varnish Archaeology Geary Baese 93
Tourte Bows Barnard Millant 97
Nicolo Amati: His Life and Times Philip Kass 139
An Overview of the Convention Sam Compton 199
15 #3 1998 (Proc. 24th Conv. and12th Comp., Pt. 2)
CT Scanning of Stringed Instruments John Waddle and Steve Sirr 3
Basic Elements of Bow Techniques Richard Slavich 25
Troubleshooting Bow Rehairs Rodney Mohr 29
Neck Resetting Ben Ruth 37
Makers’s Forum Roundtable Discussion John Waddle, Moderator 55
Marketing Stringed Instruments: A Publishers Perspective David Lusterman 77
Learning from Guarneri Samuel Zygmuntowicz 93
Tonal Properties: Developing a Vocabulary For Describing Sound Peter Prier 129
Video on Bending Plates William Fulton 143
A Discussion on Bow-Making Styles Yung Chin 153
Making Castings of Stringed Instruments Gregg T. Alf and Sharon Que 173
Cremona in the Early 1960s Amnon Weinstein 217
16 #1 1999
The Early Violin Makers of New England John A. Gould 3
Le Messie Stewart Pollens 77
An Interview with Violinist Bernard Robbins Albert Mell 102
Nigo Remembered Albert Mell, Hans Tausig, Charles Beare, Charles Ruffino, Rene Morel, Anahid Avakian, Shem Guibbory, Ken Meyer Matthew Raimondi, Fredell Lack Einhorn, Etienne Vatelot 114
Joseph Joachim: A Connoisseur of Fine Violins Albert Mell 133
In Memorandum: Maurice Riley Eric Chapman 157
16 #2 1997 (Proc.25th Conv.)
Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Musical Instruments David Blanchfleld and John R. Watson 11
Musical Instrument Museums: Preserving the Past, Confronting the Future. Andre Larson 25
The Stringed Instrument Workshop at Oberlin: Its Past, Present, and Future Christopher Germain 67
The Bow-Making Workshop at Oberlin College Yung Chin 103
Adventures of a Concert Violist Toby Appel 111
New Designs and Modern Violins Guy Rabut 129
In Memoriam: Vahakn Nigogosian Charles Rufino, Moderator 145
16 #3 1998 (Proc. 26th Conv., Part I)
How to Visualize Il Bel Suono in Real Time Giovanni Lucchi 21
The Conservation of Musical Instrument Woods Stephane Thomachot and Pamela Wellner 43
Tonal Adjustment Ken Meyer 57
The Bridge: Materials, Function and Adjustments Jean Louis Despiau 73
The Evolution of the Bow Benoit Rolland 97
The Relationship of Fittings and Tone Paul Schuback and Eric Meyer 107
The Pellegrina Experiment David Rivinus 147
About the Double Bass Gary Karr 173
Berend Moller Memorial Award Barbara Van Itallie 185
An Overview of the Salt Lake City Convention Sam Compton 191
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