The Violin Society of America • 20th International Competition


Gold Medals

For an instrument to receive a Gold Medal it must be recommended by all designated judges for such a medal in one category and have at least a Certificate of Merit in the other category. Instruments considered of certificate quality in both categories, but not selected to receive a Gold Medal, will receive a Certificate of Merit in each category. It is possible for an instrument to receive two Certificates of Merit and not receive a Gold Medal. 

Silver Medals

A Silver Medal in Workmanship or in Tone is awarded if judges recommend a Gold Medal in one category and award neither medal nor certificate in the other category. Bows are judged on workmanship only. There are no Silver Medals awarded in the bow making competition. 

Certificate of Merit

An instrument will receive a Certificate of Merit in a category if it reaches the medal round in that category and received neither a Gold Medal nor a Silver Medal in that category.

Bows that proceed to the medal round but do not receive a Gold Medal will receive a Certificate of Merit.

New policy for advertising of medal and certificate recipients
It is the policy of the VSA that all awards granted by the VSA, including medals and certificates of merit, are personal to the award winner. Any advertising, publicity, or promotional materials, in any format or media, that refer or relate to a VSA award shall be accompanied by the award winner’s name. Failure to comply with this VSA policy may result in expulsion from VSA membership, forfeiture of VSA awards, or other remedies.