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Since 1986 the VSA has sponsored workshops in conjunction with Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio. The workshops, offered every summer, offer an outstanding and important opportunity for violin and bow makers to learn methods and subtleties associated with fine stringed instruments and bows. The original Restoration Workshop was created by the noted restorer Vahakn Nigogosian. Today there are six programs held during the summer, which offer in-depth instruction by a distinguished faculty supplemented by renowned luthiers. The current programs are: Violin Making (advanced level); Bow Making (advanced level); Bow Restoration and Repair; Instrument Restoration and Repair; Acoustics; Bass Setup, Repair and Acoustics.

2011 Schedule

The schedule of the courses is:

June 11 - June 19
Description: The acoustics workshop
brings researchers and violin
makers together for a week of talks,
presentations, and experiments.
Contact: Fan Tao, 631-439 3270,

Violin Making
June 12 - June 25
Description: Graduate level, with
students and teachers sharing
expertise and new developments.
Contact: Chris Germain, 215-545 2500,

Bow Making
June 12 - June 25
Description: For experienced bow
makers to share techniques and
Contact: David Forbes, 352-375 2609,

Bow Restoration
June 26 - July 2
Description: Techniques of bow repair
and restoration.
Contact: Jerry Pasewicz, 919-858-0429,

Violin Restoration
June 26 - July 2
Description: The violin restoration
workshop brings in a rotating group of
the world's top violin restorers.
Contact: Jeffrey Holmes, 734-668-6745,

For more information, as well as pictures of work performed by the teaching staff, click HERE.

For general information:
Anna Hoffmann, Oberlin Program Office
(440) 775 8044

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