VSA Officers

2012 - 2014

Officers of the VSA are elected by the board of directors with the directors being elected at an open meeting of the membership at the convention which occurs in conjunction with the VSA competitions.

President - Chris Germain

Vice President - Jerry Pasewicz
President Elect
- Lori Kerr

Secretary - Ted White
Past President
- Rodney Mohr
- Richard Dodson


VSA Board Of Directors

Bruce Babbitt
Lisbeth Butler
Claire Givens
Todd Goldenberg 
Nick Lampo 

Ryan P. McLaughlin
Bruno Price
Chris Reuning
Carla Shapeau
Erin Shrader

Raymond Schryer
William Sloan

CAS Forum Representatives:
Fan Tao
Julius (Jay) Vande Kopple

William Lee (Ex Officio)

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