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For the first time the VSA International Competition is offering professional quality photographs of competitor instruments and bows. The photographs will be shot with a Hasselblad 3DII 50 megapixel camera, providing an unprecendented level of image detail and allowing us to offer full size prints of your entry. For a base price of $95.00 for an instrument and $85 for a bow, you will receive a photo cd of your entry along with an 11 x 14 print sized to match a VSA certificate.
Prints will be processed on archival paper by

CD and Standard Print 11” x 14”

Instrument $95
Bow $85

The standard print is cropped to match the size of a VSA certificate.


20” x 30” suitable for full size VIOLIN $59.99
30” x 40” suitable for full size VIOLA $95.99
44” x 66” suitable for full size CELLO $189.99

Click Here for our online order form

Photo Credit: Tucker Densley
To order photographs, please contact the VSA office by telephone at (407)647-8839, or follow this link to our online order form.
Photo ordering may only be done by the maker of the instrument or bow.

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