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Access to instruments and bows will not be permitted from the time they are checked in until all judging is completed. Proper setup of the instruments is the responsibility of the maker or his/her representative. For shipped instruments, an official of the VSA may provide the setup according to instructions provided by the maker.

The VSA will designate a qualified luthier to handle small simple repairs should the need arise. This will include replacing broken strings, adjusting chin rest mounts if necessary, and closing open seams between the ribs and plates. It is expected that some cellos and basses may experience open seams during the Competition. A luthier designated by the VSA will close any such open seams with very dilute hide glue to enable the instrument to participate in the tone competition. The judges will be informed of the repair and shown its location on the instrument.

A competitor who would prefer that no one repairhis/her instrument or bow should mark "No" in the appropriate place on the registration form. In this instance, any instrument which experiences seam openings or other problems will be removed from the Competition and will be returned to the competitor at the conclusion of the Competition. The Competition fee will not be refunded. If a problem occurs during the Judging phase of the Competition, the VSA cannot contact the competitor because this would necessitate a breach of security concerning anonymity.

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