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    Shipping Rules, Guidelines and Suggestions:

Instruments and bows shipped must be received between October 1, 2010 and October 23, 2010. No instruments or bows will be accepted before or after these dates.

All shipments are to be sent to the host shop, Cleveland Violins, at the above address. Instruments hand-carried to the Competition must be delivered to the Competition Committee at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel on Sunday, November 7 between 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.; then from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Shipping costs, including return shipping costs, duty fees and insurance are the sole responsibility of the maker. The Violin Society will not accept any instrument or bow into the competition for which incoming shipping costs or duty fees are due. Competitors from outside the United States are advised to post a carnet, an international customs document that facilitates temporary imports into foreign countries. For more information contact the customs department in your country. The web site may have information about the issuing agency in your country.

The VSA will not pay for the return shipment of any Instrument/bow. All arrangements for return shipping costs must be made in advance of the competition. These arrangements are to be included in the box containing the instrument/bow, or made in writing directly with the host, before the beginning of the competition. You must enclose shipping labels and any special directions for repacking.

To arrange for return shipping, one of the following is suggested: Establish a shipping account with a shipping company and provide your shipper number or the return shipping documents to the host shop. Pay the host shop in advance with a bank check; ask the host shop for an estimate of shipping costs. Authorize the host shop to use your credit card for shipping costs.

If no prior shipping arrangements have been made, instruments and bows returned to destinations within the U.S. will be sent C.O.D. For shipments outside the U.S., the VSA will keep the instrument/bow in its possession at the host shop until the return shipping cost plus a $50 storage/handling fee, has been paid directly to the host. If after 6 months these costs still have not been paid, the VSA will take possession of the instrument/bow to be disposed of at its discretion. In this case, the competitor is responsible for any import duties owed.

Shipping Guidelines and Suggestions: Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped postcard which will be returned to you upon arrival of the instrument(s) and/or bow(s).

It is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure that each shipped package contains a clearly worded packing slip stating exactly what the package contains. Because of similarities between some violin and viola bows, each viola bow should be tagged "viola." Enclose a copy of your competition registration confirmation as well.

Should an instrument arrive in need of adjustment or minor repair prior to the start of the Competition, Host shop for this competition:
Cleveland Violins
Attn: Yanbing Chen
2917 Mayfield Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Phone: 216-659-5356
Fax: 216-932-9311

The VSA will have an expert luthier on call. In case of any major damage in shipping, you will be notified immediately.

The instruments and bows will be removed from their cases and placed on linen tablecloths during the Competition. They will remain there for the duration of the Competition. It is the responsibility of the contestant to be certain that the varnish is dry. Instruments with sticky varnish may be damaged by the tablecloths. The VSA assumes no responsibility for such damage. Due to the number of instruments and bows anticipated, please allow six (6) weeks for their return.

It is highly recommended that shipments from outside the U.S. be sent by FedEx or UPS. We have had difficulty returning shipments sent by other shipping companies.

Please do not ship in airtight plastic bags unless the instrument(s) and/or bow(s) are protected from contacting the plastic. The plastic may cause damage to the varnish.

Questions concerning shipping should be directed to Cleveland Violins. Do not ship instruments or bows to the Violin Society office.

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