VSA Papers


The Violin Society of America (VSA) is pleased to announce the publication of a new journal, VSA Papers. VSA Papers will be a biannual venue for VSA members and non-members alike to share ideas, research, and news. The new publication will complement the existing Journal of the VSA, which includes the proceedings of the annual VSA conventions. Each issue of VSA Papers will include articles on a broad array of subjects of interest to violinmakers, as well as historians, violin dealers, and stringed-instrument musicians. The contents of VSA Papers will include: violin and bow making methods, repair and preservation techniques, practical acoustics for violin makers, materials and accessories (wood, varnish, strings, etc.), instrument set-up and methods for improving tone, innovations in instrument design, history and documentation of instruments and bows of the violin family, biographies of makers and players, playing and performance, and market trends.

The initiation of VSA Papers came about as a result of the Catgut Acoustical Society joining the VSA as the CAS Forum. The CAS Forum focuses on musical acoustics research and its practical applications to stringed instruments. The new publication, VSA Papers, will address these issues as well as the additional topics listed above. As with the CAS Journal, all articles in VSA Papers will be peer reviewed by knowledgeable experts.

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Call for Papers

VSA Papers welcomes submittal of articles (2,000-6,000 words). We are looking for articles regarding, but not limited to, the following topics: Violin and Bow Making, History and Documentation of Violin Family Instruments and Bows, Biographies of Makers and Players, Playing and Performance, Instrument Set-Up and Improving Tone, Practical Acoustics for the Violin Maker, Materials, Including Wood, Strings, Varnish, and Accessories, Market Trends and Innovations.

We are also looking for short (less than 1000 words) contributions on the following topics: Awards, Book reviews, Meetings, Exhibitions, and Concerts and Obituaries.

People knowledgeable in the subject area will review the articles and may recommend changes prior to acceptance. We prefer electronic submittal of materials as email attachments, although copy can also be sent to us by fax or though the mail. Preferred digital formats are MS Word for manuscripts and .tif images for figures.

For more information contact office@vsa.to